Do you have a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign?

There are so many benefits to starting one for your business.

  • PPC allows you to generate qualified leads almost immediately.
  • PPC gives marketers the opportunity to track leads and convert them down the road.
  • PPC is relatively inexpensive, as you only pay when someone clicks your ad.

PPC isn’t a difficult thing to grasp.

Being on the internet, you’ve likely noticed a few ads from time to time.

Just look what happens when you type in the keyword, “HVAC Los Angeles”

Do you see those listings that have the word “Ad” behind them?

These are PPC ads.

But, Google has also updated the appearance of certain ads like so:

Back in the day, you could just get away with only investing in search engine optimization (SEO), mainly since a lot of people scrolled past PPC ads.

Now, they are very hard to ignore and include vital information like star reviews.

They also sit at the top of the search engine result page (SERP).

Remember, in online marketing, visibility matters.

Therefore, if you want your ad to be seen before the #1 listing (especially if it’s your competitor), you will want to consider a PPC campaign for your business.

We’ve created a great guide for you to build the perfect PPC campaign.

Now, if you already own a top spot in multiple SERPs, that’s great as well.

But, you should still read anyway.

Let’s begin.

Setting the Right Budget

All marketing tasks have a defined budget.

If you plan on starting a PPC campaign, then you’ll need to intelligently create a budget that allows room for growth while not going over the limit of what you can possibly spend.

It’s common sense that you should only spend what you have.

However, is your budget sufficient enough to inspire growth in your PPC campaign?

You’ll never know unless you plug in the numbers to determine your budget mathematically.

Without spending too much of your time, we’ll show you how to formulate a budget for your PPC campaign.

Once you have a great idea of what you can spend, set a goal for how many customers you want to convert into your campaign.

Let’s say that you’re striving to convert 200 new customers from your campaign.

With that said, let’s determine your conversion rate.

Generally, a standard conversion rate is from 2% – 2.5%.

These figures can be much higher or lower, but let’s not digress.

Now, this is simple math.

You want to convert 200 new customers and your conversion rate is between 2% – 2.5%.

Here’s what the formulate looks like:

Desired amount of web traffic = customers / conversion rate
Desired amount of web traffic = 200 customers / 2% (low conversion rate)

Desired amount of web traffic = 10,000
Desired amount of web traffic = 200 customers / 2.5% (high conversion rate)
Desired amount of web traffic = 8,000

Based on the math, you will need to drive between 8,000 to 10,000 web visitors to reach your goal of converting 200 new customers.

Now that you understand how much traffic you need to reach, you’ll need to use Google Keyword Planner to check out how much it’ll cost you to rank for high-traffic keywords.

Let’s break it down a bit.

Let’s say you want to rank for the keyword, “ski boots”.

Here is how it would appear in Google Keyword Planner.

As you can see, “ski boots” and all of its variants below carry a lot of potential traffic.

Though, the competition is high, meaning that these keywords are very difficult to rank for.

It’s honestly up to you on how you want to proceed.

If you multiply the suggested bid by the average monthly searches seen above, you can get a ballpark figure for how much you will spend for any keyword.

Then, you have to pay attention to the competition.

After all, it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on a campaign that won’t net you any visibility.

All of the tips leading up to this point will help you see for yourself how much you will spend on a wide variety of different keywords.

Configuring Your Campaign

Now, once the budgeting and keyword research is done, it’s time to start configuring your campaign.

We’ve compiled five fundamental PPC tips you absolutely must follow to have success with your campaign.

These are:

  1. Use Long-Tail Keywords - Sometimes it’s best to avoid high-competition keywords that will drive up your costs. Instead, focus on specific, long-tail keywords. Using numerous long-tail keywords will eventually measure up to a prominent keyword in estimated monthly traffic.
  2. Prioritize Negative Keywords - Negative keywords are search terms you DON’T want to rank for. Since you’re paying for every click, you should single out specific search terms you don’t want to be associated with your brand.
  3. Focus on Unsuccessful Bids - This may sound obvious, but once you see that a few bids are performing well, leave them alone, and tend to the unsuccessful parts of your campaign. Keep a close eye on the ad quality score of unsuccessful bids and tinker with each one to achieve the results you want.
  4. Create Excellent Content - Your campaign’s ad score hinges on the quality of its copy. Needless to say, create purposeful content that naturally uses the keywords you’re targeting.
  5. Save Money - Are your ads running at midnight? If so, you’re going to lose a lot of money because a lot of people are too busy sleeping to notice your ad. Configure your ads to run during the peak hours of the day.

With these steps in mind, you can move forward to the final part of building the perfect campaign.

Experimenting With Your Campaign

As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect”.

It doesn’t matter how many articles you read about growing your PPC strategy.

Or who is running the campaign.

You will have to iterate and modify your campaign through experimentation.

This simply means that adjusting your campaign is essential to getting the results you want.

It’s just like driving.

You can study all you want, but once you get behind the wheel, you’ll really know how to drive.

PPC campaigns work the same way.

Oftentimes, business leaders become overwhelmed, confused, and discouraged when running their campaigns.

They won’t know much about online marketing and have a hard time overall.

This is why it’s important to hire a web agency to manage your campaign for you.

At last, this is where we come in.

Have Optuno Begin Your Campaign

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