The internet has shown us that change is unavoidable more than any other business medium. Technological advances and shifting human preferences lead to changes in web design trends. A website that uses current web design trends will keep its target audience engaged and attract new users.

But when keeping up with the best web design trends it is important to stay grounded in your brand identity and values. Incorporate only the trends that make sense for your company and your target market.

Do you want to know the latest trends in web design? Keep reading for our top 2020 web design trends that you can use to increase traffic to your website.


Leading the 2020 web design trends is the use of color gradients. Web developers have been using minimalist designs that only display the functional elements of websites. This has led to a lot of monochromatic black and white websites that have bored some web users.

Color gradients in a company’s brand colors are now being added to minimalist websites to give them some life. The key is to keep the colors to one or two. The designer can either use muted colors or vibrant colors, depending on the website owner’s preference.

Abstract Illustrations

Illustrations are a great way to capture the attention of website visitors. But graphic illustrations have become commonplace. To stand out, many companies will make use of one of the top 2020 web design trends─ abstract illustrations.

Users may enjoy trying to interpret the different illustrations on a website. Companies that have successfully used abstract illustrations are Google and Dropbox. If you decide to follow this trend ensure that your illustrations can be understood by a wide audience.

Depending on your brand, complex illustrations might be a waste of time and money and may lead to a loss of traffic.

Bold Fonts

Web users are more distracted than ever before. To help keep their eyes on pages longer, web designers are using bold fonts to convey their messages. Apple, for example, uses minimal text and images on their website and very little text in bold black font.

For this 2020 web design trend to work, you should reduce the amount of text you have on a page. Too much text in a bold font can overwhelm users and make them click out of your website. Be sure the typography isn't too chunky that it becomes illegible.

It is also recommended for web designers to use fonts like Sans Serif with rounded edges as these look the best. You may customize by using less common fonts, but test them to make sure that web users respond well to them.

Natural Geometric Shapes

Using geometric shapes found in nature is another of the top 2020 web design trends. The shapes help to create dividers between different sections of text. Wavy geometric shapes can be used to give your website a futuristic feel.

Additionally, using straight geometric shapes can make a website feel more functional. Many websites will be using geometric shapes such as visible tables or circles to differentiate different sections of text. The elements also add a modern (sometimes retro) abstract touch to the overall aesthetics.


Animations are another tool web designers are using to get web user attention. Rather than creating surveys that use words to describe a user’s experience, designers can use animated emoticons that users can identify with.

We are becoming more aware of the importance emotions play in our lives and how they guide our decision making. So emotions form a big part of web design trends in 2020. Other than emoticons, web designers can use expressive imagery and photography.

Video Stories on Homepages

Fast internet has made it possible for web designers to use video to convey website messages. Showing is always more effective than telling. So having a video that shows a company’s story can sometimes have more of an impact than a wall of text describing the company.

In 2020, more websites will have video stories on their home pages. Many users are more likely to spend a minute watching a short video clip rather than reading.

3D Imagery

We are in the age of 3D images and many websites are reflecting this. Using 3d elements on your website will make it more realistic. 3D images on websites are still a novelty so this would attract more users.

Night Themes

In recent years more people became aware of how screen lights cause eye strain and even lead to lack of sleep. In 2020 web developers are attempting to reduce these problems by creating websites with both light and dark modes.

Users that want to reduce the tension that comes with strain on their eyes and save their mobile battery power may opt to use the dark mode.

Personalized Experience

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making it easier to personalize websites. Web developers should look to incorporate more personalization in websites. For example, each person’s Facebook page is different based on their preferences. Y

our taste determines the adverts and trending stories you see. Websites that can customize user experiences will reap more benefits and sales than those that ignore this trend.


The push for simpler websites will continue in 2020. Many users now browse on small devices such as mobile phones and Apple watches. Web designers have to consider these users in their website designs by using easier navigation and less text.

Also, minimalistic designs tend to look cleaner, smoother and visually appealing.

Top 2020 Web Design Trends

These are several 2020 web design trends and we have presented just a few of the best. We are most likely to see more colorful websites with increased animations, illustrations, and bold typography.

All these trends may not be suitable for your business. Choose the ones that will better your user experience and include them in your present website. To start incorporating the best web design trends for your brand, schedule a free consultation today.