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Ad spending can be confusing.
Let our experts take care of it for you.

Facebook is a powerful tool that can increase your web traffic exponentially, but it can be confusing to use correctly.

Drive Immediate Traffic:
Optuno’s advertising experts will create custom ads to direct traffic back to your website.

Transform Leads to Sales:
Ads alone won’t cut it. Allow Optuno to transform those leads into sales conversions.

Increase Attribution:
Stay in front of high-intent audiences with expertly tooled Facebook Remarketing Ads.

How Facebook and Instagram Became Key Advertising Vehicles

Social media is ubiquitous in today’s culture. While traditional forms of advertising can still be effective, businesses today must go where the customers are and with over 2 billion active users online, the customers are on Facebook. Most Facebook users spend several hours per week on the platform, scrolling endlessly through friends’ photos, status updates, and, most importantly, ads.

Facebook is a platform in which companies such as yours can submit advertisements that take advantage of Facebook’s inherent algorithms to reach people that are most likely to be interested in your kind of business. The best part? It is also one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising available. The CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, means you can spend less than $10 to reach over 1000 people. Knowing how best to utilize Facebook’s powerful targeting and advertising services can ensure rapid business growth.


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How Can Hiring a Facebook & Instagram Advertising Agency Help My Business Grow?

When utilized properly, Facebook ads are among the most powerful advertising tools in any business’s toolbox. While Facebook makes it easy for any business to buy and place an ad, it isn’t obvious how to take full advantage of its many, often-changing features.

That’s where Optuno comes in. As a Facebook advertising agency, our staff is trained in the many intricacies of Facebook and Instagram ad spend and how to maximize utilization. We manage a portfolio of over $5,000,000 in Facebook ads and work directly with each client to develop campaigns that provides results.

How can we be so confident that our practices will lead to increased leads, conversions, and sales for your company? We use advanced Facebook tactics designed to take maximum advantage of their algorithms while always keeping our clients in the loop to ensure brand cohesion. We employ A/B split testing, lookalike audiences, remarketing, and conversion optimization. Many ads go through variants to increase performance. We measure performance by installing conversion pixels on your website to track where your customers are coming from and can see how many found it through Facebook. These tactics are only the beginning. We have plenty more to use to increase your ad efficacy.


Make up to a 700% Return on Your Ad Spend (Or More)

Could you throw a few ads up on Facebook and see results? Maybe. Facebook makes it very easy to spend money on their platform but much trickier to target the correct audience and convert that audience into sales for your company. Facebook Ad Agencies make it our business to know how to navigate Facebook, transforming $4,600 in ad spend into $34,431 in profit for one client. That is a return of over 700%. We accomplished this by creating ads that resonate with our laser-targeted audiences and letting the data drive our results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can do the same for you and your business.

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How Our Facebook & Instagram Advertising Works


Facebook Ad Discovery

Optuno takes pride in knowing our clients and how to put their services in front of the customers that need them. To do that, we start by learning about your business’s unique selling points and overall advertising goals. We examine previous ads and document why they were successful or unsuccessful, using that knowledge to craft a comprehensive strategy for how best to move forward.


Facebook Ad Development

Next, Optuno will begin crafting unique ads specialized for your business that keep your goals in mind. Our team writes the Facebook ad copy, headlines, and descriptions. We also create and include high-quality imagery or graphics to attract viewers. We then send you the ad for approval for going live.


Facebook Ad Optimization

With your approval, we let the ads loose and watch as they do their thing. We like to start each campaign with up to 10 ads that we can consistently monitor, making tweaks and taking notes on which are most successful and why. Our team analyzes the high and low-performing data to make changes and improve ad performance.


Facebook Monitoring

Optuno takes care of monitoring your social media ad presence so you can get back to running your business. While billions of users spend hours on Facebook every week, business owners are busy running their business and don’t have time to scroll endlessly through social media pages. Our ad agency looks and corrects errors and monitors content so you don’t have to.


Facebook Reporting

Each client receives a comprehensive report showing exactly where our clients’ advertising money went, the overall results, and help you understand the status of your Facebook advertising campaign. Optuno agents are available to you to discuss your advertising on a biweekly or monthly basis to answer any questions or address any concerns.

Why Use Optuno Facebook & Instagram Ads Over A Competitor or Doing It yourself?

  • We have the experience you need

    Freelancers, interns, and even employees, while well-meaning, may not know the ins and outs of Facebook’s ever-evolving advertising formula. Don’t become one of the millions of customers who waste their dollars on untested and ineffective advertising. Optuno has years of experience developing successful, revenue-increasing campaigns.

  • We provide you with insight to grow your business

    Making business decisions can often come down to trusting your gut. That’s a risky move. Why trust your gut when Optuno can provide you with cold, hard numbers, data, and metrics so that you can make an informed decision? We track your return on investment and provide comprehensive reports so you can make the best decision possible.

  • We are a Full-Service Ad Agency

    Don’t increase your payroll by adding new employees for graphic design and email marketing. Optuno provides full-service Facebook advertising, which includes these tasks and more. With Optuno, you get access to our full team of trained experts who will work tirelessly on your behalf to increase your presence on Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

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Our Pricing

Recommended Ad Spend Recommended Ad Spend$250-$2,499/month Recommended Ad Spend$2,500-$5,000/month
Management Fee Management Fee$500/month +
$500 One-Time Setup Fee
Management Fee$750/month +
$750 One-Time Setup Fee
Platforms Platforms
Goal Setting Goal Setting
Goal Setting
Conversion Tracking Conversion Tracking
Conversion Tracking
Re-marketing/Display Ads Re-marketing/Display Ads
Re-marketing/Display Ads
  • Custom Ad Copy Creation
  • Ad Copy A/B Testing
  • Monthly Optimization
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  • Custom Ad Copy Creation
  • Ad Copy A/B Testing
  • Bi-Weekly Optimizations
Key Features
Recommended Ad Spend
Management Fee
Goal Setting
Conversion Tracking
Re-marketing/Display Ads

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