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Optuno (n.): The opportunity for every business to have a customized website and the experience of a full-service digital marketing agency without having a big business budget.

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How it all started

Optuno Grew Out of a Desperate Need for Sane Website Development

Optuno’s story reaches back to the days when the World Wide Web was still a Wild, Wild West. The dot-com boom was blooming; and we had a couple .com’s of our own we were trying to promote. We experienced, first hand, just how challenging it was to develop and launch a high-quality website AND to market it, maintain it and update it.

We saw professional website development companies charge people tens of thousands of dollars for their services. We also saw college students in their basements creating amazing—or ridiculously awful—websites during their spring and holiday breaks. Now, we see mega-template, cookie-cutter, do-it-yourself website companies springing up. Who wants their website to look like it came off a conveyor belt?

We’ve all been there and we’ve experienced the same frustrations as you. We knew there had to be something better—but there wasn’t. So, we created it.

Optuno is dedicated to providing small businesses with custom website design, local SEO, review management, and lead generation services. Our goal is to offer high-quality, affordable website development and digital marketing solutions that help your business thrive online. No setup fees, no long-term contracts – just a reliable team working to help your small business succeed online.


Optuno provides a unique, stress-free and fully-managed experience for the creation, maintenance & marketing of your website.

Optuno Executive Team

Blending 40+ years of web design and development experience
into the new optuno paradigm.


Michael Farin

Co-Founder & CTO


Adam Frankel

Co-Founder & CEO

Our clients love us. And we love them.

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