Visitor Retargeting

Attract Repeat Site Visitors With Retargeting!

What Is Optuno Retargeting?

Magic. Sort of.

It's actually an easy-to-understand, extremely useful tool used by the most successful small business owners to entice protential customers to visit your website again and again. Whether a customer contacted you or not on their first visit, retargeting helps redirect them back to your site to take action.


How Does Retargeting Works?

Retargeting works by utilizing a database of potential customers most likely to want a product or service like your and targeting ads directly to them  wherever they go on the internet. Optuno uses many different tools to build our databases but the primary method is identifying your previous website users.

When a user comes to your site, we add "cookies" to the visitor's browser. This is done via a pixel or code snippet placed into the website code. Retargeting cookies and pixels aren't shared between ad platforms; the retargeting audience you'll reach with Optuno will be completely independent from one you might reach with another.


Is Retargeting Effective?

Yes. Retargeting works by focusing the scope of our advertising efforts on those who already have a interest in your product or service. Since we're able to find customers who want to be found, we're able to covert more of them more quickly.

According to Marketing Mojo, retargeting campaigns are more cost effective than other ad-targeting methods on a cost-per-click basis, boosting return on investment.


What Sets Optuno's Retargeting Methods Apart

Other online advertising agencies might focus on brand awareness and number of impressions from
your retargeting ads. We use proven partners to ensure your site is seen.

  • Google AdWords

    Remarkeing via the Google Display Network (GDN), Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) and dynamic product remarketing

  • Twitter

    Remarketing inside the Twitter environment

  • Facebook

    Retargeting Via Facebook's Custom Audiences and Dynamic Product Ads

Drive Customers To Your Website

Level up your business with customer targeting.

  • Attract Customers and Stay Top-of-Mind

    Attract Customers and Stay Top-of-Mind

    Imagine placing billboards in the yards of all the people you want as your next customers. Those people didn't search for you, but they still got your message. Customer targeting applies that same concept and puts your business's ads on the computers and phones of the people you want to reach - even if they aren't searching for you.

How It Works

  • Step 1

    Build a Network

    Optuno will install and configure a script on your website that installs cookies on your visitors devices.

  • Step 2

    Target Exact Consumers

    Using our knowledge of key consumer behaviors, we identify potential customers who would most benefit from your product or service and make sure they are the ones seeing your ad.

  • Step 3

    Drive Targeted Traffic

    Next, we redirect these potential customers back to your website.

Vistor Retargeting & Campaign Management

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  • Campaign Setup
  • Banner Ads Creation
  • Tracking Pixel Installation
  • Monthly Monitoring & Reporting

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