As of today, there are well over 1.5 billion websites on the internet. Learning about how custom website designs build brand awareness will convince you to get your own.

Out of all the sites online, only 200 million are active. While that number is comparatively small, it still means there's a huge amount of online competition to contend with.

You've worked hard on your business. You deserve a website that reflects your brand's brilliance. It's the best way to outshine your competitors online.

Here's how a custom website builds brand awareness! 

Custom Website Designs are Unique

When a business website design is fully customized, it's one of a kind. For this reason, your website will stand out more.

Think about all of the free website design templates you've ever seen. No matter how creative these designs are, they're still not original. After all, there will always be other websites using that same design.

Custom web designs do wonders for branding. Having a unique and attractive web design encourages visitors to stay on your website for longer periods of time. It also makes your traffic more likely to return later on.

Flaunt Your Brand Colors

How are custom web designs good at creating brand awareness? It's because they give you the opportunity to showcase your brand colors.

Brand colors are an important part of your brand identity. They express your brand's personality and affect your brand image. (Brand image is how customers perceive a brand.)

Color improves brand recognition by 80%. Your website will seal the association between those colors and your brand in consumers' minds. For this reason, brand colors should be prominent components on any e-commerce website.

Working your brand colors into your web design also distinguishes your brand from the competition. Standing out online is the key to standing out as a business.

SEO-Friendly Web Designs Build Brand Awareness

It's easier to make custom website designs more SEO-friendly than it is with premade designs. That's because professionals know how to create web designs that appeal to Google.

SEO tactics increase your website's visibility on search engines. Ranking higher on SERPs (search engine results pages) drives more organic traffic to your website. It's easier to convert organic traffic into sales than it is with other kinds of traffic.

SEO-friendly web designs value user experience. They're responsive and visually appealing even when accessed by different kinds of devices. However, most people don't have HTML skills or the technical skills to create one.

Fortunately, Optuno provides professional managed SEO services to anyone who purchases them with their plan. This option makes life less stressful for you.

A Better Blog

If you want to know how a website builds your brand, consider your blog. Using a generic template will make it harder for your blog to stand out. Even really good content doesn't compensate for having a boring or unoriginal blog design.

A custom website makes your blog look better than ever. This will improve your brand image. People notice and remember beautiful sites more, which also increases brand awareness and brand recall.

More Blog Attention

Having a professional web design can also make your blog more viewable and accessible to your website visitors. This ensures that people will actually read your great content instead of barely knowing it's there.

Keep in mind that your blog does more than showcase your written content. You can also display helpful infographics and talk about your promotions or sales there. It's also the place for company news and other updates.

Your blog is a chance to establish your brand as an authority in its field. Publishing informative, valuable content helps you do this. However, upgrading your web design means upgrading your blog design, which will result in more traffic, sales, and brand awareness.

Social Media

Social media increases brand awareness by exposing more people to your brand. Your business's website can also drive traffic to your social media channels. The right kind of website design conveniently places your accounts on the site through recognizable social media buttons.

Professionals know how to perfect this placement in a convenient way: by drawing attention to your social media presence without distracting visitors from your content too much. This increases engagement both on your website and on social media.

More engagement equals more brand awareness.

The best place to put social media buttons is above the fold. "The fold" is a term used to describe the tippy top of a website. Basically, it's what you see before scrolling downward.

That way, it's more convenient for people to check out your social media presence. Never feature your social media handles on pricing, product, and features pages. People won't engage with your social media presence there.

Build and Improve Brand Relationships

With each business website visitor, there's an opportunity to build or improve a brand relationship. Your web design plays a big role in increasing brand awareness that fosters these relationships.

An updated and customized website design helps you build new brand relationships. For many people, your website is their first impression of your brand. Therefore, it's important to have a website that's branded, unique, and user-friendly.

Your website design also improves brand relationships with people who already know about your brand. If the design is appealing, visitors will enjoy their time on your website. The goal is to make visitors enjoy that time so much, it motivates them to come back for more.

Repeat and direct traffic can be just as profitable as organic traffic.

Your Website is Counting On You

Around 38% of website visitors will leave a site if they think it's unattractive. You can count on a custom web design to build brand awareness and increase traffic all at once.

On average, people tend to prefer attractive sites over simple ones.

Nonetheless, simple sites are still attractive if they're designed well.

Boost your business—get a free consultation with Optuno. Your brand will thank you for it.