Websites are designed to convert potential customers.

If your website isn’t doing that, then you have a problem.

We wrote a guide on how you can optimize your website for success, and you can find it here if your website isn’t what you want it to be.

However, take a look at this interesting and scary statistic.

96% of people who visit your website aren’t ready to buy.

That means no matter how well-built your website is, your only hope is converting 4% of your entire target audience.

And, that’s if you get lucky.

This makes a lot of sense though, as people are really fickle when it comes to making purchases.

Unlike B2B audiences, people regularly change their minds and can alter their motivations moments after visiting your website.

Even for necessary products.

Let’s say that you have breathing problems and need a CPAP machine.

After taking a look at a product like this, you’re soon discouraged.

Sure, CPAP machines are necessary.

But, many people will take a look at the prices of those products and soon leave the page to figure out if they want to move forward with the purchase.

Sometimes, they may even forget about purchasing one.

This is the struggle of marketing, as you will find out that it’s not about building your marketing strategy to attract qualified leads.

But, it’s all about conversion on your website and away from it.

So, what are you doing to retarget and convert web visitors who stray away?

Do you have a solid plan in place?

In this guide, we’ll touch on the two avenues of retargeting: paid search and email marketing.

Let’s get started.

Retarget and Convert Through Paid Search

Have you ever visited a website, left, and saw an ad for their website on another one?

This isn’t a coincidence.

Websites use cookies to retarget you on other websites.

Psychologically, it creates brand recognition and allows you to remember them while you’re on the web.

Pretty cool, right?

The good news is that you can do the same thing.

If you are using pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google, retargeting can be simple.

But, you’ll need to nail down some fundamentals for doing this.

To begin, you should use a retargeting pixel on your landing page.

When a person clicks on your website, that pixel drops an autonomous cookie in the visitor’s browser.

Setting up a retargeting strategy in Google Adwords is pretty simple.

Here are the steps for doing so:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click on “Shared Library”.
  3. Click on “Audiences”.
  4. Click on “Set-up Remarketing”.
  5. Click on “View AdWords Tag for websites”
  6. Copy the remarketing tag code provided.
  7. Insert the remarketing tag code at the bottom of the pages you want to use in your campaign.
  8. Save and publish.

Once you’re done, you’ll be all set to retarget web visitors on your site.

Retargeting ads should look something like this:

Now that your retargeting campaign is set up, here are some fundamental tips to get started converting qualified leads:

  • Don’t Waste Your Money - Do not retarget leads that didn’t spend a lot of time on your website. You’ll only be wasting your budget and reducing your ROI.
  • Classify Different Leads - Segment your retargeting based on awareness. For those who may have stayed on your website for a few minutes, place them in a different group than those who clicked on several pages.
  • Create Detailed Segmentations - Retargeting is personal. You can’t expose the same message to anyone. Create detailed segmentations for customers exhibiting various behaviors (clicking on specific pages, clicking on some pages and not others, etc.)
  • Optimize Your Ads - In retargeting, you have to win back the heart of your leads. This means creating captivating headlines, ad copy, and producing an irresistible call-to-action (CTA).

First-time retargeting campaigns usually have a lot of setbacks.

Over time, you will know what works for your campaign.

With that said, let’s move on to retargeting and converting through email marketing.

Retarget and Convert Through E-mail Marketing

We were going over a lot of technical stuff in the previous section.

Luckily, email marketing is a lot simpler when it comes to retargeting and converting.


The answer is…

You actually have the email of a qualified lead and can communicate directly with them.

Retargeting emails are naturally more powerful PPC ads.

And, they’re a bit easier to set up too.

Just take a look at how you can basically craft a text-based retargeting email.


And, look at how Nike uses a visual email to retarget its web visitors.


Retargeting through email marketing is surprisingly simple.

That’s if you know what to do.
To begin, you first try to get the email addresses of everyone who visits your website.

Remember that some people may give you their email address and some won’t.

The good news is that those who immediately leave your website won’t leave their email address.

That saves you a lot of time and money that you can easily waste on a cold, uninterested lead.

Anyway, the best way to collect an email address is through a landing page.

Here’s a clever way this company collects email addresses from web visitors.

Overall, you should make it easy for web visitors to leave their email addresses.

And, if you notice that these people do not convert within a reasonable time, you should create an email that does the following:

  • Stay Authentic - Never copy and paste retargeting emails. Create each one to be authentic and personal.
  • Segment Your Lists - Create different classifications based on the behavior of your leads. This will allow you to send appropriate and relevant messages that will have an impact.
  • Master the Subject Line - Subject lines are the #1 driver of high open rates. Therefore, develop a compelling subject line that will inspire your audience to check out what you’re talking about.

Don't Do It On Your Own!

These are the fundamental steps of retargeting and converting web visitors.

But, creating a successful marketing campaign supersedes this information.

If you don’t have the time or knowledge to correctly manage your campaign, then you’ll end up squandering your budget and putting your ROI in the toilet if you proceed.

At Optuno, we have a solution.

We offer an effective Visitor Retargeting service just for you.

To speak to a member of our dedicated sales team, give us a call today at 1-888-678-8662 or click here to schedule a free consultation.