As a small business owner, you lie awake nights sweating over how to get people to spend their finite, hard-earned cash on your life-changing products. Hundreds of voices shout for your target customers’ attention at any given moment. How do you stand out? Make sales and get more Z’s by intelligently wielding these 5 online marketing tools:

1. Remarketing

Way better than reheating leftovers, remarketing channels super-targeted ads to potential customers who visited your website, but didn’t buy. It works because your target is already interested. Maybe they got distracted by baby sloth videos and just need a gentle reminder to come back and checkout. Consistent remarketing ads can double conversion rates! If you are interested in Visitor Retargeting services for your website, check out our retargeting solutions here:

2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Done well, PPC is a great move for small businesses to convert onlookers into customers. The key is to strategize your PPC campaign so that your ad appears when potential customers type in search queries that are well-advanced into the “buying funnel”. That way you spend less for a bigger return on conversions. If you are interested in PPC services for your website, check out our PPC solutions here:

3. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial marketing tool because it impacts search results people see when they use Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. to search for your offerings. It used to be all about keywords, but now mobile-friendly design, locally-relevant keywords, readability and providing user value weigh heavily in search engine algorithms. You can learn more about Optuno's SEO services here:

4. Blogging

Frequently-posted, consistent, value-driven blogging drives search engine-generated traffic and helps you build relationships with your customers. Use blogging to help people solve their problems with your gear. Search engines are boosting the ranks of business websites with great blogs that their fans return to and share with their friends, which is awesome for driving targeted traffic to your website. Need help with content writing? If you are interested in Premium Blog Writing services for your website, check out our blog writing solutions here:

5. Social Media

Search engines increasingly use social media engagement as a tool to rank business websites as well. The more Facebook shares and Twitter re-tweets, the higher the search engine is likely to rank you when someone does a search on your raw egg peelers. Actively engage your followers with video marketing, live feeds, contests, etc. and get people talking and sharing!

Of course, the anchor to all of these marketing tools is an awesome, customer-focused website. Coordinating all of these efforts to bring people back to purchase on your Optuno-built masterpiece will definitely help you have better dreams as sales numbers increase! Get started on your website today!