Your website is a key part of your business and marketing strategy. It's the first thing your potential customers are going to see when they look into your business.

A custom website can help you nail that all-important first impression. Prospects will form an opinion of your company within a few seconds, after all. Make sure they stay interested in your services by creating a website that's not only easy on the eyes but also easy to navigate.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider getting a custom website.

1. You'll Get Support

When you rely on presets and templates for your website, you might not be able to get the support you need when your website experiences problems. The people who make these kinds of templates are often trying to sell as much as they can; they aren't going to make themselves available for help if you have issues with the site they've designed.

If you try to add something to a template someone else has made, you might find it reacts unexpectedly. Something as simple as uploading some new pictures could cause the site to stop functioning altogether.

When you work with a professional company to get a properly designed website, not only do you get a great looking site, but you also get access to tech support if something goes wrong with the site.

2. Get a Site Different to Other Companies

You wouldn't copy another company's logo or brand identity, so you wouldn't copy another site either. When you use a premade template for a website, you're using a page layout that's been used by countless other businesses.

The design of your website is an important part of building and maintaining your corporate image. When you bring a professional design team on board, they can make you a unique site that stands out from the crowd.

Not only that, but they can also ensure the design of the site matches up to your existing corporate image. Maybe you have a great logo that you're proud of; a professional design team can use that logo for inspiration and create a site that perfectly accommodates it.

3. It's Made How You Want It

Another great thing about getting a custom website designed is that you can have it designed to your exact specifications. When you rely on templates, you're going to have to settle for something. It's unlikely you're going to end up with exactly what you had in mind based on a template.

Don't worry if you aren't quite sure how to explain what you want. Professional designers are experienced in dealing with all kinds of requests. Even if you can't quite find the words to explain what you want, a good designer should be able to understand and bring your vision to life.

4. The Design Revolves Around Your Business

A custom website can be built to revolve around your business model. Depending on what you sell, you might want to lay out your pages in a certain way. If you rely on presets and templates, you're going to have to compromise on your vision.

With a custom site, on the other hand, this is not the case. You'll be able to have the pages laid out exactly as you want them.

A custom site can also be built to accommodate any changes you make to the business. For example, maybe you plan to start selling a new kind of product next year. With a custom design, you can have the new product page ready to go live as soon as the product is ready.

5. It Makes Your Business Look Credible

Almost everyone these days has a sense of how "credible" a web page is. People might not be able to explain exactly why, but most can get a sense of when a website doesn't look too reputable.

When you use premade templates, it might be enough to set alarm bells ringing with your customers. Maybe they recognize the design from another website, or maybe they're familiar with what a lot of templates look like.

When you put a lot of effort into making your website look perfect and unique, it results in customers being more prepared to trust you and your brand. On the other hand, if your site looks "low effort," customers might not be prepared to trust you with their money.

6. It Ensures Compatibility

When you work with a professional design team, they'll take the time to ensure your new website functions without a hitch. In some cases, a premade template might work well until you try it with your web host, and then, all of a sudden, you run into problems.

A professional design team will create your website with you and your business in mind. This means you can be sure the website will run on your hardware and that it'll integrate with your business.

7. Get Help with SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a vital part of modern business. SEO is the practice of optimizing your page for search engine results with keywords.

When people search for the products you sell, you want to be one of the top results on Google. The world of SEO is constantly changing. These days, people devote their whole careers to SEO.

If you work with custom website designers, they might also be able to help you with the SEO aspect of your site. It doesn't matter how good your site is if it isn't ranking high on search engines. When you get custom made websites, they might also offer a search engine optimization service to ensure you're always one of the top results on Google.

Get a Custom Website to Represent Your Business

Sure, a template can sometimes get the job done, but if you want to have a professional and high-quality site, you need a custom website. As a business owner, you're probably proud of your company. Your website is more than a means of advertising your goods and services; it's also a way of showing off that pride to the world.

Instead of relying on boring preset templates, consider making a smart investment on a custom-made website.

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