Imagine you’re meeting your new boss for the first time – you do everything possible to prepare for this first meeting, because you know that a good first impression will shape the way your new boss thinks of you.

Now, imagine a customer visiting your website for the first time. They are looking for something specific and your website is their answer. Making this visitor’s experience on your website to be valuable and engaging will ensure their return, and will hopefully help you gain a new customer.

Here are some key elements of a good website that will help make a lasting first impression on your visitors:

Share your Value

Visitors will stay if they find that your business is valuable to them in some way. Share value elements about your business. A couple good examples of value elements would be any deals or specials your business may be running, thought-provoking statistics about what your business can do, or special certifications or awards your business has won.

Make it Relevant

Your visitors found you one way or another, and it's most likely from searching online for something they need. Create engaging and informative content that supplements what your business is about. You want your visitors to search for what they need, find your website, and know that they’ve found the perfect match!

Build Trust

A first time visitor wants to know that the website they are visiting is legitimate. It is important to add trust elements to your website that will showcase that other visitors or customers have had pleasant experiences with your business. Use reviews or customer testimonials to ensure that your visitor knows that they can trust your business.

Make it Easy to Use

Nobody wants to visit a website that is confusing to use. Making your website easy to navigate and simple is key. Help your customers find what they need – and find it quickly.

Unique and Thoughtful Design

Having a unique and thoughtful design will help make a lasting impression. You want your customer to remember your website!

Remember, first impressions are everything, and a customer’s first visit to your website is important! Make it count.