The truth is, the average human attention span is good for about eight seconds of focus. After that, if someone isn't captivated, they move along to the next thing.

What does that mean for you? Everything!

If you're designing a website, you've got to do so with the needs of your user in mind. This means that you should focus on creating a user-friendly web design when constructing your site.

Your site should be quick to load, easy to navigate, and thorough in its content. Users should be able to load your webpage and find what they're looking for. It should also be easy for them to stumble onto a few extra pages they didn't even know they wanted to visit!

Establishing a user-friendly website is one of the more lucrative things you can do for your business. Besides being a minimum requirement for the modern business, user-friendliness in website design helps your company grow.

If you're feeling a little intimidated by the prospect of building an awesome, user-friendly site--don't sweat! We can help you out. First, take a look at these three reasons good, user-friendly web design is so important for the successful business!

Boosts Site Traffic

Obtaining a solid amount of site traffic helps your company in tons of ways. High traffic increases your website's search engine rankings, generates leads, and boosts your business's growth. Maintaining a user-friendly website can be just the thing you need to boost your site's traffic!

Studies have shown that over 88% of Americans find slow or poorly designed websites to have negative effects on their view of a company. attached to those sites. If 88% of your potential audience finds your website to be less-than-satisfactory, you're down to about 12% of your potential site traffic.

According to the same study, when Americans encounter a slow or poorly-designed website, 28% will go to a competitor's website. 27% of users won't trust the website, 18% won't visit that page again, and 13% assume that hackers attacked the site and steer clear all the same.

Boasting a well-designed user-friendly website means your visitors avoid becoming annoyed with your brand. It means they'll retain a sense of respect and trust in your company, and it means they'll likely be back for more!

A user-friendly website means users will enjoy their time on your site. They'll spread the word, driving up your site's traffic and relevance as a whole.

Builds Customer Trust

Your website is like your company's 24/7 brand representative. Even while your CEO and staff are all sound asleep, your website is standing up for you, working its tail off to represent your business. It makes sense that potential customers use their opinion of how user-friendly your site is to decide how trustworthy your brand is.

Even if it seems a little unfair, it's true. Your website and its user-friendliness play a huge role in building trust between consumers and your company. In fact, 57% of consumers say they won't recommend a brand with a poorly-designed site!

You want clients to trust your team to take care of little details and pay attention to the small things. If your company can't put in the time to make its website user-friendly, you can't expect potential customers to trust you with their business.

Taking the time to build a website that's clear and honest and helpful shows clients that your brand cares about its consumers. It demonstrates the fact that your business is client-centered and detail-oriented. A well-built website shows how much you care about getting things right.

If your website offers visitors an easy, effective experience, they'll trust that they can turn to you for the same great experience. If your website is hard to navigate, they'll go somewhere else.

Increases Brand Loyalty

Whether you intended it or not, one of the major tasks of your website as a whole is to establish and nurture loyalty from your company's customers. Your site exists as a constant help-guide and lifeline to clients at all hours of every day.

In short, your website is a platform for your business to prove itself to your customers. Your site is a place for your customers to develop loyalty to your brand.

Your customers' loyalty comes from their ability to choose from any number of businesses, and their choice to stick with yours. There are many things that impact your customer's brand loyalty. Your customers' experience, the company's effectiveness, and a clients' sense of attachment to your brand all have an impact.

When it's user-friendly, your website serves to boost customer's feelings with regards to each of these factors!

If your customers can count on having your user-friendly website to help them, they'll never have any reason to place their loyalties elsewhere. In the same ways that a user-friendly website serves to build trust between clients and companies, a good website also helps establish a lasting relationship built on choice and loyalty.

Want More Tips on User-Friendly Web Design?

User-friendly web design can take lots of time, energy, and thought to create. The payoff of a carefully designed site, however, is irreplaceable in the end. Your user-friendly website is more than a tool for your company and creative teams to sell products. It bolsters your site traffic and clients' trust and loyalty in your brand.

For more information on how to establish a user-friendly web design and why it's so important to do so, or for more ways your company can empower opportunity, check out our page!