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3 Font and Color Tips to Make Your Website Visitors Happy

3 Font and Color Tips to Make Your Website Visitors Happy

Posted by Optuno Websites

Apr 4, 2017

It’s always nice to have a little “secret sauce” on your website—visual cues that impact your visitors’ psychology enough to tip them happily into the checkout line. Two surprisingly helpful elements are font and color. Do a little A/B testing to see how these 3 tips impact your website conversion rate:

1. Visual appearance impacts 93% of purchases

Furthermore, 85% of those purchasing decisions are based on color alone! Although your color choices depend greatly on your product and target audience, keep in mind that research shows that hot colors like red and, to a lesser extent, orange, broadcast a subliminal “urgency to buy” message—so consider them for call-to-action buttons. For a deeper analysis of color tips for your website (and your business), peruse our “Use Color to Drive Conversions on Your Website” blog!

2. Colors are Key in Brand Recognition

If you haven’t solidified your logos yet, ponder color a little more here, as well as with your overall website design—color choices can increase brand recognition by 80%! There aren't really any “taboo” colors—but your colors must fit with the impression you want to convey. For example: black indicates sleek and sophisticated while orange and blue combos appeal to impulse buyers. Financial institutions often choose navy and burgundy to broadcast reliability, or green to indicate wealth. Green is also successful for organic and natural products.

3. Influencing with Fonts

MarketingProfs ran a groundbreaking study on tomato soup recently, using the exact same tomato soup, but with the words “tomato soup” printed in either Courier or Lucida Calligraphy on the menu. Although it was the same soup, 64% of those who read the fancier font expressed more satisfaction with the soup and a desire to buy it again over those who read it in work-a-day Courier.

Caveat about Fancy Fonts: Use them sparingly and strategically. Another font study from the Yale School of Management showed that harder-to-read fonts turned away shoppers of technical goods. Don’t make your website visitors work too hard to get what they want with the wrong font choice.

A/B test different color and font options with your target market! Your Optuno team can provide a lot of guidance and advice in this area, so just ask!

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