1 - Choose the Right Veterinarian Website Theme

Vets sit in a unique niche where their websites need to look “cute” but it’s equally important to look warm, welcoming, and professional. When a potential client is looking at your clinic they form a first impression almost instantly. We have built countless websites for veterinarians and thoroughly understand the demands and expectations in your industry.
We want your website to communicate the look and feel of your clinic in a clean, responsive digital format. All of our sites are mobile friendly and engineered with a proprietary content management system that search engines and clients love. We have a number of themes, modules, and countless customizations that allow us to create the perfect website for your clinic or animal hospital.

Check Out Some of the Websites We’ve Built in Your Industry

To ensure your website is fully custom and you receive an agency level experience, we offer a 30 day period for unlimited revisions to your website. These revisions allow us to perfect your site and the clock only begins after we provide you with your first draft. We stay true to our slogan: Done FOR You, Not BY You™ which ensures that we follow your web development and management process throughout every step of the way.

Already have a website? No problem! We’ll make it better by rebuilding your site so it is up to date. Business owners usually avoid switching web developers because the process can result in huge upfront costs from independent agencies. We include development, hosting, and more in our monthly fee and bank on your long term satisfaction rather than charging you outrageous setup fees.


2 - Veterinarian Website Load Speed

It’s important to have a website that loads quickly on all devices. All Optuno accounts are hosted and protected by our sister company EndLayer, LLC. Our 71,000 square foot data center gives our websites unprecedented speed and security. You don’t want clients sitting in the waiting room with their pets anxiously awaiting for appointments that are backlogged or behind schedule. We treat every website visit like an experience in your waiting room and make sure clients spend their time checking out your site rather than staring at a load screen.

3 - On Page SEO For Veterinarians

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of building search engine credibility and visibility for your website. All of our website plans come with on page SEO that is fully optimized and designed with your industry in mind.

Before launching any website, we make sure every page, photo, and area on your site is fully loaded with meta titles, descriptions, and alt tags that contain keywords that are relevant to your clinic and the different services you provide. These efforts along with our search engine friendly, FICMS code communicate with search engines in a language they understand. Our sites have a history of ranking incredibly well with Google which leads to more traffic for our clients.

On page SEO mostly refers to the URL structure, meta data, headers, content, etc. on your site. Everything we build is designed and formatted using best practices to keep search engines happy. We understand that every industry is unique and have specialized copywriters that assist with our keyword research and on-page SEO before submitting your sites to search engines. All of your SEO is fully custom for your website. We will be sure to outline every service you provide and use geographical markers to make sure your site is ranking for local searches.  
We understand that web development is only part of the battle when it comes to SEO. It’s important to outline all of your services from grooming to surgery and build out specific pages for everything you do. If you have any questions about how to layout your website, your designated project manager will happily steer you in the right direction. We’ll make sure that your website fully captures your brand and all the services your clinic or animal hospital provides.

4 - Blogs and Content Marketing for Vets

An important component of SEO is your blog. In many ways, blogs and social feeds are the heartbeat of your site. They show that your business is active, engaged, and can be a great way to inform you clients about news, general information, pet care tips, and more. We live in the age of the educated consumer and their search process may begin with “vet near me” but end with “fair price to spay a dog”

Blogs do more than just show that your website is active. They can also be used to target niche specific keywords such as “Pet Hotels Near Me,” “K-9 Influenza Shot Miami,” etc. The consumer search process can be exceedingly complex but we design our websites to position our clients in front of “high intent” customers. A customer searching for “Price to Spay a Dog In Miami” is considered high intent and ready to buy. Having a blog post that discusses the spaying procedure and average costs might be a great landing page that earns you continual clients for the life of your website.
We recommend posting at least monthly to your blog and even provide a https://www.optuno.com/premium-blog-writing-service so you can focus on your job as a veterinarian and we can focus on getting you more tails through the door.

5 - Reputation Management for Veterinarians 

Once a customer finds you, reputation largely dictates their first impression. As a veterinarian, you run a high volume service that sometimes gets very emotional for clients. There are many variables within your control but no matter what happens, you can’t make everyone happy.

Optuno offers a fully customized review generator that can be used to take advantage of happy customers by streamlining the review process. Third party review websites can be frustrating for clients because they prompt them for sign ups, force them to download apps, and drag out what should be a simple process.

Our https://www.optuno.com/review-generator helps simplify the review process for your customers while simultaneously helping you turn negative reviews into constructive criticism. Our review generator is custom built and branded for your website and has robust SMS and Email features that allow you to turn every opportunity into a potential review. One of the best components of our review generator is that it directs unhappy clients to reach out to you directly rather than post online. It’s important that you take advantage of happy clients and mitigate frustrated customers because in 2020, reviews and local SEO rule.

6 - Local SEO for Veterinary Clinics

Local SEO is a HUGE part of your online presence. One of the most important “Local SEO” components is your GMB (Google My Business Listing) It’s important that you have a fully up to date Google My Business listing that is linked to your website and stacked with positive reviews.

The visibility of your google listing isn’t as cut and dry as one might expect. The way your listing ranks is actually influenced by a number of factors including your overall SEO, domain authority (backlink profile) and your reviews. Local SEO is a crucial avenue through which small businesses can penetrate their market and hustle for visibility even if they are competing with big players such as third party companies like  Yelp or big players like Banfield.

Google understands the importance of local businesses and gives them the credibility and visibility they deserve through local SEO. Local SEO is particularly effective in a mobile where 65% or more of all searches occur on a daily basis. Our https://www.optuno.com/local-seo options can be a great way to supplement your website through an improved online presence. Take a quick glance at your local search results by looking up “vet near me” and the importance of local SEO should be immediately apparent.

7 - Website Retargeting for Your Veterinary Practice

Retargeting is a modern concept that works by utilizing a database of potential customers that are most likely to want a service like yours. Optuno uses many different tools to build our databases, but the primary method is identifying your previous website users.

When a user visits your site, we add "cookies" to the visitor's browser. Retargeting cookies are not shared between ad platforms; so the retargeting audience you'll reach with Optuno will be completely unique.

Retargeting works by focusing the scope of our advertising efforts on those who already have an interest in your product or service which can lead to a higher conversion rate. Check out our https://www.optuno.com/retargeting which is a service we are proud to offer in tandem with our custom websites.

8 - Veterinary Specific Social Media

Social media is a crucial part of your online presence. There are a number of different social media platforms that serve as phenomenal resources for you to promote your business, connect with new clients, and stay relevant for repeats. Sometimes social media can feel like a full time job because in many cases it is. We have found that the most effective platforms in terms of return on investment for ad spend/organic efforts are Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re a vet, you should have nonstop social media content coming through your door. It's just to make sure you have a system in place to feature your furry customers. If you’re a doctor, you’re busy with the lives of your patients resting in your hands. It’s important to delegate some of the marketing responsibilities to your staff so you can keep your content up to date.

Receptionists or vet techs are a great place to start if you’re looking for someone to take a moment throughout the day to take some photos of a new customer (stick with the cute ones). Social media is a highlight reel for your businesses and effort matters. We understand you’re busy which is why we offer https://www.optuno.com/instagram-postinghttps://www.optuno.com/facebook-page-posting.

These services are awesome standalone services or also a great option to supplement your social media strategy so you don’t end up burnt out. We can create vet specific content for you or work in tandem with your staff to make sure your social media is consistently updated, on brand, and up to date.

9. Link Building for Vet Websites

Link building is a critical but often overlooked factor that influences rankings in search engines. SEO involves hundreds of factors that determine how your website ranks but your “backlink profile” (websites linking to your website) is one of the most important variables. Link building can be tricky for your average business owner. The process is often overlooked because of the sweat equity and cost. Link building is a simple concept but difficult to execute because it involves content creation, networking, and attention to detail. Blogger outreach is the process of contacting the editors of high authority websites and pitching them with content in exchange with a link back to your site. There are many steps to this process which is why we bundle and sell solutions for your peace of mind.

Your best bet for organic SEO is to sign up for our Managed SEO Packages https://www.optuno.com/managed-seo. We’re also more than happy to provide link building in the form of contextual link building and blogger outreach services. Feel free to reach out to us for SEO solutions or feedback on “a-la-carte” link building that can take your ranking to another level.

10 - Veterinarian Ad Campaigns

Organic SEO takes time and money. Paid ads can provide a more streamlined solution for your business to situate itself at the top of search results and social feeds without playing the long-ball with organic SEO techniques. We offer managed ppc solutions: https://www.optuno.com/ppc-solutions in addition to social media ad management: https://www.optuno.com/fb-ig-ads-management.

Our ad solutions are specifically structured to target clients looking for very specific services in your area. Ads can have a steep and expensive learning curve so it’s sometimes best to leave this work for a professional that understands your needs as a clinic. Optuno’s advertising solutions are fully customized and come complete with a dedicated account manager.


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