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Nick started his first business during his freshman year while attending the University of Miami. He decided to chase his dream as a fishing charter captain while completing his education and he still owns and operates Double Threat Charters to this day. He’s worked at least 2 jobs for the last 10 years and his entrepreneurial spirit has never let up. Nick was a longtime client at Optuno before deciding to join the team in 2020. As a small business owner himself, Nick brings a unique perspective to the team and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others while learning something new each day. Nick is a jack of all trades and a master of none but has definitely learned from his success and mistakes. He’s a well-rounded marketing consultant, experienced business owner, and enjoys challenging himself, learning, and helping others.

  • By Nicholas G | Jun 09, 2020

    What SEO Means For Your Fishing Charter Business in 2020

    If you’re running a fishing charter business in 2020 and you aren’t at least somewhat familiar with SEO it’s time to get with the program. When someone searches for a fishing charter in your area, it’s important that you have a presence in search results so you can funnel them…
  • By Nicholas G | Jun 08, 2020

    Building a Modern Veterinarian Website in 2020

    Do you feel like your website is dated or you’re paying too much for a marketing subscription that is just sitting on your account? We understand that you’re busy being a veterinarian and marketing isn’t something you really need to handle in-house. Either way, your website deserves the same level…

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