Are you looking for different ways to increase the legitimacy of your online brand? Do you want to create a website that converts to your target market? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about custom websites.

Doing so can unleash several benefits for your brand. It can increase the SEO, help you differentiate your company, and help you control the experience of your customers. The more you learn about custom websites, the more value you will see.

See below for an in-depth custom website guide that lists all of the advantages your company will have with custom websites.

1. Cater to SEO

It's true; most drag and drop website builders do have SEO benefits to them, but here are a few dilemmas with purchasing a drag and drop builder just for the SEO "perks".

First off, there are millions of other websites that use those website builders, meaning that all of them have the same benefits as you. Do you really expect to gain an SEO advantage when all the other competitors in your market used the same builder (or a similar one)?

Second, drag and drop websites only have the bare minimum for SEO purposes. If you truly want to differentiate your SEO presence with their site, you'll have to install (and pay for) a million different plug-ins to do so, which will take a toll on your budget.

With a custom website, you can prioritize search engine optimization from the start. Your custom website builder can help you:

  • Create a responsive and interactive design
  • Use high-resoltion photos
  • Create a mobile-friendly layout
  • Implement stragetically-placed keywords that your target market is looking for
  • Connect all social media to your website (creating a spider-web effect)

The list goes on and on. If you want to build your SEO to the max, you need a custom website builder to get you there!

2. A Website With Your Customers in Mind

Have you ever gone to use a service and realized it wasn't for you? That's the exact experience that you're signing your own clients up for if you use a default website template.

Most themes and templates that you'll find on website builders (such as WordPress) are simply created for the masses. They try to create designs that will appeal to as many businesses as possible.

Their job is to get you to download (and pay for) the theme. Some website builders of lesser integrity don't even care about the functionality of the site. You'll be paying for aesthetic and nothing else.

With a custom website, you can create a layout that's entirely catered to your buyer personas. You can design the entire site to fit your marketing and sales funnel.

A custom website is especially important for those of you selling an entrepreneurial brand. You can use custom designers to create a membership site, sell online courses, book online appointments, and so much more.

Regardless of who your target market is or what their pain points are, a custom website will make one thing clear: they need your products.

3. Proper Brand Representation

The aesthetic of your website should tell a first-time visiter everything that they need to know about your brand. What makes it different than others? How does your brand represent your personality?

This is virtually impossible to achieve with the typical website builders out there. It's rare that you would find a website theme that perfectly encapsulates your business. You'll have to pick from a finite list of layouts and then, somehow, try to let your brand resonate with your audience.

With custom websites, the options are endless. You can mold every aspect of your site to show what your brand is all about. Here are just a few ways a custom website can help you do that:

  • Perfectly-placed call to actions with your premium products
  • A fusion of your logo and colors strategically placed around the site
  • Layout that's easy to navigate

4. Changes Are Easy

The website that you build today won't look the same a year down the line. You'll gain valuable feedback from customers that help you make the most of your website's features.

With a custom website, those adjustments are easy to make. You have free reign to implement new features and cut the fat of your site as you see fit. Custom web design doesn't confine you to limited features and plug-ins like the typical website builder.

This also makes it possible to perform some A/B testing. If you're unsure whether a feature will work, you can test it for a while, then make adjustments on the fly.

5. Avoid Stockpiling Costs

At first, it might appear as if a drag and drop website builder is the cheaper option. But as most brands quickly find out, those services aren't as cost-efficient as they make it seem.

Do you want to add an opt-in feature for your site? That'll be an extra $10 per month. Are you fixated on using the one website theme they offer that fits your needs? You'll have to pay for that as well... See where we're going with this?

With a custom website, you get to control your budget. All you need to do is choose a plan and select from one of 50 beautiful and mobile-friendly designs that we offer.

Unlock the Benefits of Custom Websites for Your Brand Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the benefits of custom websites for your company, be sure to use this information wisely.

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