So, you’ve decided to start a business?

That’s great news.

There are millions of small businesses across the country, and one of the things every organization needs to survive is a website.


A website serves as a viable first impression for today’s consumers.

Let’s face it - it’s not like the old days where people used to drive around to find new businesses or use the phonebook.

85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses.

If you don’t have a quality website for your small business, you’ll not only be losing out on wide-open sales opportunities.

But, you’ll also be funneling this business straight to your competitors.

Obviously, you know how important having a website for your business is.

However, the fact remains that purchasing top-notch small business website design services can be expensive.

This creates a dilemma.

You need a website, but you don’t want to spend an arm or a leg for one.

Also, you don’t want to purchase any “cheap” small business web design services that won’t impact your business.

Ultimately, you want a solution.

Fortunately, Optuno provides custom web design for small businesses.

If you want to finally receive an extraordinary website you can afford, let’s break down the ways Optuno can benefit your business.

You Can Receive a Custom-Built Website

Unfortunately, many small business owners treat building a high-quality website like an afterthought.

This type of thinking isn’t going to do.

People will generally only spend 15 seconds on your website.

If they like what they see, they’ll continue browsing.

However, if you have a cheap, horrible-looking website that looks like it was designed by a chainsaw, they’ll leave immediately and never come back.

Consumers are very judgmental regarding the websites they visit.

Therefore, if you’re going to get your money’s worth from your website, it’ll need to be custom-built.

With Optuno, receiving a custom-built small business website has never been easier.

All you have to do is sign up, pick a website theme from our extensive Theme Library, and fill out a questionnaire.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to create a defined set of instructions for us to follow.

This means you get a custom-built website exactly the way you want it.

We also provide unlimited revisions until you’re fully satisfied with your website.

There is absolutely no risk for having your small business website built by Optuno.

And, that’s not our only feature.

You Can Have an Affordable Small Business Website

Again, receiving an exceptional small business website design can be really expensive.

If you take the traditional route and work with a website design agency, you could end up spending anywhere between $3,000 to $15,000.

That doesn’t include maintenance and marketing fees that are necessary to make your website a thriving investment.

What if we told you that you could receive an affordable small business website for a fraction of a web agency’s cost?

Take a look at Optuno’s pricing for traditional websites.

  Single Page Website Unlimited Page Website
Annual (66% Off) $49/mo $99/mo
Monthly (33% Off) $99/mo $199/mo
Month-to-Month $149/mo $299/mo
Single Page Website
Annual (66% Off) $49/mo
Monthly (33% Off) $99/mo
Month-to-Month $149/mo
Unlimited Page Website
Annual (66% Off) $99/mo
Monthly (33% Off) $199/mo
Month-to-Month $299/mo


And, here is how much you can pay if you want to sell products online with an eCommerce website.

  Basic eCommerce Enterprise eCommerce
Annual (46% Off) $169/mo $199/mo
Monthly (29% Off) $222/mo $265/mo
Month-to-Month $313/mo $373/mo
Basic eCommerce
Annual (46% Off) $169/mo
Monthly (29% Off) $222/mo
Month-to-Month $313/mo
Enterprise eCommerce
Annual (46% Off) $199/mo
Monthly (29% Off) $265/mo
Month-to-Month $373/mo


These affordable monthly prices pale in comparison to what you could spend working with a web design agency or freelancer.

What’s more, is that all of these monthly packages come with the following features:

  • Hosting & Ongoing Maintenance
  • 100% Customized Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Unlimited Changes During Revision Phase
  • 1 Free Domain Name
  • An Easy Guide to General Site Content
  • Headers, Call-Outs, Page Element Labels
  • New Content Creation Available Upon Request
  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Installation of Widgets, Buttons, Pixels, and Other Complicated Coding Mechanisms
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • FICMS World's Most User-Friendly CMS
  • Social Media Banner Graphic Creation
  • 1 Free SSL Certificate
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console

It makes much more sense to work with Optuno if you’re running a small business.

Not only will you receive a custom-built small business website without spending thousands of dollars, but you’ll also receive tons of benefits web design agencies and freelancers will charge you extra for.


Let’s move on.

Your New Website Will Be Designed to Thrive

Optuno was conceived because we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to receive a state-of-the-art and affordable website.

Thus, the name “optuno” was created.

Businesses with better websites achieve better results, each and every time.

However, no one tells small business owners that a lot of work goes into creating, managing, and optimizing a website to thrive online.

If you once again take the traditional route and purchase small business web design services from any agency, here’s what will happen.

You’ll pay a very exorbitant amount for your website, and then you’re on your own.

Many web design agencies are just that.

They’re only obligated to provide you with a website.

At Optuno, we’ll do much more than give you a website.

We’ll make sure it’s designed to perform well online.

This means we’ll make your website fast on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets so it can rank high on search engines.

We’ll structure every aspect of your website to give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Optuno is a full-service web agency, in which we’re your online partner.

We also provide a myriad of online marketing services to transform your website into a hub for qualified leads.

Get Started With Optuno Today!

Optuno was designed just for small businesses.

We realize that obtaining quality small business web design services can be complicated if you don’t know where to look.

However, you can take solace in the fact that Optuno has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

We also have 5/5 stars on Google (out of more than 60 reviews) and 4.9/5 stars on Facebook.

If you’re impressed and want to give us a try, click here to schedule a free consultation.

You can also call us at 1-888-678-8662 if you have any questions.