1 - Choose the Right Dentist Website Theme

First impressions mean everything. If you’re showing up to a job interview it’s important to be on time, present yourself appropriately, have a winning smile, be confident, courteous, and attentive. When a potential client is looking at your business online they form their first impression almost instantly.

We want your website to have a winning smile. The sites we build are clean, responsive (mobile friendly), and most importantly compelling. We want as many leads as possible to turn into clients and have a number of different themes, modules, and available customizations that allow us to create a site that has a sound aesthetic and user-friendly format.

We offer a 30 day period for unlimited revisions to your website after delivering our first draft. We understand your industry needs and factor this into your theme and layout. Our team will provide you with any guidance you need to make sure your website is aesthetically pleasing and sure to impress.

Not only do our websites load and perform quickly, they are designed using highly customizable themes that help you make your first impression a lasting one. You want that perfect smile for your patients and we want that perfect website for you. We have developed countless websites in your industry and know how to build stunning sites that are aesthetically sound, robust, and Done FOR you not BY You™ .

2 - Be on Time- Dental Website Load Speed

It’s important to have a website that loads quickly and communicates information quickly and efficiently. All Optuno accounts include 2x daily backups of our customer's data and are hosted and protected by our sister company EndLayer, LLC in our 71,000 square feet data center. This provides unprecedented speed and security for our customers. You don’t want customers spending too much time in the waiting room and we don’t want clients staring at a loading screen.

3 - On Page SEO For Dental Clinics

What good is a first impression if you never land the interview? Before making a first impression, it’s important that you’re noticed. SEO is the art of earning search engine credibility and visibility for your business.

Before launching any website, we make sure every page, photo, and area on your site is fully optimized with meta titles, descriptions, alt tags, and more. These efforts along with our search engine friendly, closed source sites communicate code in a language that search engines understand. Our sites have a history of ranking extremely well with Google and lead to traffic for our clients (the same kind that got you here).

On page SEO largely refers to the URL structure, meta data, headers, content, etc on your site. Everything should be built and formatted using best practices to keep search engines happy. We understand that your industry is unique and have specialized copywriters that assist with our meta data and on-page SEO before submitting your sites to search engines. This metadata is fully custom for your website and considers a variety of factors such as the services you provide and geographical markers.  
We’ll help you redesign your existing website or rebuild one from scratch that satisfies Google’s rigorous search criteria, but we understand that web development is only part of the battle when it comes to SEO. It’s important to outline all of your services from teeth cleaning to oral surgery, build out individual pages for everything you do, and give your metadata a “local” spin. Dental websites should focus locally, especially if you’re just starting out. Local phrase match keywords are highly specific and usually allow “easy wins” for your search engine visibility.

4 - Blogs and Content Marketing for Dentists

An important component of “On Page” SEO is your blog. In many ways, blogs and social feeds are the heartbeat of your site. They show that your business is active, engaged, and express that you are a thought leader in your field. We live in the age of the educated consumer and their search process may begin with “dentist near me” but end with “fair price to remove 4 wisdom teeth.”

Blogs do more than just show that your website is active. They can also be used to target niche specific keywords like Invisalign, Oral Surgery, Wisdom Tooth Removal Miami, etc. The consumer search process is rarely linear and search criteria might involve basic information, but the highest intent clients are sometimes the most specific about what they want. A customer searching for “All-on-4Ⓡ dental implant” is considered high intent and ready to buy. Having a blog post discussing an implant procedure might be a great landing page that earns you big money cases for the life of your website.
Each blog post provides a unique opportunity to find and inform clients. Posts can be educational in nature but paramount when it comes to making a soft sell. We recommend posting at least monthly to your blog and even provide a https://www.optuno.com/premium-blog-writing-service so you can focus on your job as a dentist and we can focus on getting you more clients through the door.

5 - Reputation Management for Dentists

Once a customer finds you, credibility largely contributes to that first impression. Every business is in the service industry nowadays as the internet has given tremendous power to the consumer. It takes more than just a good overall reputation to make it these days. Reputation management involves a mix of fabulous service, excellent communication, and in most cases software.

Third party review websites can be frustrating for clients because they prompt them for sign ups, force them to download apps, and drag out what should be a 1-2 step process.

Our https://www.optuno.com/review-generator helps simplify the review process for your customers while simultaneously helping you turn negative reviews into positive feedback. Our review generator is custom built and branded for your website and has robust SMS and Email features that allow you to turn every opportunity into a potential review. It’s important that you take advantage of happy clients because in 2020, reviews and local SEO rule.

6 - What is Local SEO for Dentists?

Local SEO is a critical part of your online presence. It is tied directly to your website, your overall SEO and domain authority, and your reviews. Local SEO is a crucial avenue through which small businesses can penetrate their market and hustle for visibility even if they are nestled between big players. Yelp tends to dominate search results for dentists but you have something they don’t: a concrete address and an actual dental practice.

Google understands the importance of local businesses and gives them the credibility and visibility they deserve through local SEO which is particularly effective in a mobile context where 60% or more of all searches occur on a daily basis. Our https://www.optuno.com/local-seo options can be a great way to supplement your website through an improved online presence but either way, properly set up and formatted listings especially on Google are crucial to your success as a dental practice. If you were wondering why we emphasize the importance of a review generator, a quick glance at your local search results by looking up “dentist near me” should do all the talking.

7 - Website Retargeting for Your Website Practice

Retargeting works by utilizing a database of potential customers most likely to want a product or service like yours and targeting ads directly to them wherever they go on the internet. Optuno uses many different tools to build our databases, but the primary method is identifying your previous website users.

When a user visits your site, we add "cookies" to the visitor's browser. This is done via a pixel or code snippet placed into the website code. Retargeting cookies and pixels aren't shared between ad platforms; the retargeting audience you'll reach with Optuno will be completely independent from one you might reach with another.

Retargeting works by focusing the scope of our advertising efforts on those who already have an interest in your product or service. Since we're able to find customers who want to be found, we're able to convert more clients more quickly. Check out our https://www.optuno.com/retargeting which we can easily integrate onto your custom site.

8 - Dental Office Social Media

It’s 2020 and social media is a crucial part of any business. There are a number of different social media platforms that serve as phenomenal resources for you to promote your business, connect with new clients, and stay relevant for repeats. Sometimes social media can feel like a full time job. That’s because in many cases, it is.

Sure, posts are shared via the click of a button but the reality is that a lot goes into the average social media post. Social media is more of a highlight reel for businesses (and people) and as a result, effort matters. We understand you’re busy. This is why we offer https://www.optuno.com/instagram-postinghttps://www.optuno.com/facebook-page-posting.

These services are awesome stand alone services or also a great option to supplement your social media strategy so you don’t end up burnt out.

9 - Link Building for Dentists

Link building is a crucial but often overlooked factor that basically contributes to your website’s domain authority (page rank or online credit score). SEO involves hundreds of factors that determine how your website ranks but your backlink profile is among the most important variables. Link building can be time consuming and tricky for your average business owner but we have a variety of solutions in our Managed SEO Packages https://www.optuno.com/managed-seo

We’re also more than happy to provide link building in the form of contextual link building and blogger outreach services.  The utilization of backlinks is an area of SEO that is sometimes overlooked because it doesn’t have the glory of flashy sites and content but trust us- it matters. Feel free to reach out to us for managed SEO solutions or feedback on “a-la-carte” link building that can help you take your website to the next level.

10 - Dental Office Ad Campaigns

Organic SEO takes patience, money and most importantly, TIME- a commodity that many businesses don’t have. Paid ads can provide a more streamlined solution for your business to situate itself at the top of search results and social feeds. Web design and “easy win” SEO strategies should take priority over ads but paid campaigns do have a time and a place.

We offer managed https://www.optuno.com/ppc-solutions as well as Social Media ad management https://www.optuno.com/fb-ig-ads-management that are specifically catered toward your business and niche. Who can you trust more for managing and tracking your Paid Advertising Campaigns than your web developer itself? Third party ad services treat you like an account but we will treat you like family.

To speak to a member of our dedicated sales team, give us a call today at 1-888-678-8662 or click here to schedule a free consultation.