Running a small business can be hard enough, but it gets even trickier when you're trying to build an amazing website that your customers will love.

We understand your struggle. Sometimes the best way to learn is by example. Keep reading for the best designed websites we love, and get some inspiration on how to take your site to the next level!

1) Apple

We'll go ahead and start with the big guys. Apple has been known for its super minimal, simple, and user-friendly branding. This approach is noticeable on their site, they make their products stick out with high-resolution photos.

These amazing photos sell their products. They are minimal yet striking. For more assistance with your product photography, head to this helpful site!

2) Seriously Unsweetened

This company sells unsweetened beverages, and they have an incredibly eye-catching site. What we find most intriguing is their unique color scheme.

The site is minimal, yet uses pops of color to lead the viewer's eye. A color scheme is an essential theme in establishing your brand.

Need help finding your brand's color scheme? Head here to figure it out in 2 easy steps!

3) Nest

This company is doing something right with their site that allows for instruction manuals with vivid images. Providing your customers with as much information and visuals possible helps them feel more confident about purchasing with you.

4) Adidas

This shoe brand has been so successful with their signature branding. Their site reflects this, with amazing product photos of their shoes.

We think what's especially great about Adidas site is their easy to navigate homepage. If your customers are already frustrated or confused by your homepage, there is a low chance they will continue into your site and make a purchase.

A homepage with a slideshow is a great option, to showcase your best products and give viewers a chance to see everything your company can do.

Make sure your homepage is professional, simple, and easy to navigate so that you can make online purchasing easy for your customer. Convenience is key.

5) Rdio

This music streaming company is so user-friendly and approachable. The site has plenty of information explaining options to its viewers. It also includes customer testimonies, a great idea for every website!

People want to know the products they are purchasing are actually going to pay off, and what better way to show them than creating a customer review section!

Need more examples of amazing sites? Head to our portfolio to see how we've transformed customers' websites!

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