We write a lot of posts about blogging here at Optuno.

That’s because we truly believe that content is king.

Well, never mind what we believe.

Here is an infographic about the benefits of blogging for your business.

Are you convinced that blogging is an effective inbound marketing activity?

In any case, writing blogs is much more than about making your website look good.

It’s much more than just creating content that ranks well online.

The major reason why you should blog is to acquire backlinks.

Backlinks are the #1 driver for improving your website ranking.

This table shows the correlation between website ranking and the amount of backlinks.

If you want to achieve the top spot on Google and other search engines, then you better get started in writing excellent content others will link back to.

By reading this guide, you’ll learn all about writing content that gets hundreds of backlinks.

Use Keyword Research

The lifespan of a blog is about a week.

This is because a lot of blogs are written by people without SEO experience.

They think that by writing a blog and posting it, it’ll naturally rank if it’s informative and well-written.

This is incredibly false!

You could very well be writing blog posts that are using keywords with minimal search volume.

That means your posts won’t rank because a lot of people aren’t searching for your topics.

Here is a snapshot of what a keyword research tool looks like.

As you can see, you can spot the volume of each keyword.

This lets you know if the keywords you’re using will net a lot of search traffic.

Search traffic = exposure.

And, you know the rest.

With that said, here is a more advanced snapshot of keyword research as it relates to creating content.

Do you see the questions people can include in their content below?

Also, this tool shows the total traffic for the #1 parent topic of that keyword.

This is all vital information you can use while writing great content.

Create Long-Form Content

Countless studies prove that long-form content ranks higher than other forms.

The verdict is nearly unanimous.

Long-form content is more useful to a reader because it covers more topics and answers more questions.

Long-form content always gets more backlinks.

Therefore, strive to create content that exceeds at least 2,500 words.

Create Sources

You may be wondering, “what does this mean?”

You need to think outside of the box when it comes to creating content.

Your competitors likely will work against you on most topics.

To avoid the competition, create sources, or pieces of content sporting independent research and ultimate guides.

Both forms of content rank very well online and acquire a lot of backlinks every month.

Think from a blogger’s perspective.

Bloggers only want to link to high-quality sources.

If you create a source, you’ll naturally receive quality backlinks.

Here’s an example of a marketing source.

Neil Patel and Brian Dean are two of the most successful online marketing in the world.

Anyone that wants to write about off-page SEO will always link to those articles.

Follow the same practice to receive effortless backlinks to your website.

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