Websites that load slowly lead to a $2.6 billion loss in revenue every year. Meanwhile, nearly 90% of people won't return to a site after a bad experience. Another 80% will leave a site that doesn't display well on their devices.

Without proper website design and development, you could scare away potential customers. However, many businesses don't realize there are issues with their websites. With an annual website audit, you can spot problems before they impact your ROI.

Not sure if you want to spend time on the website audit process this year? Here are nine reasons annual website auditing is essential.

Reviewing these benefits can help you make a more informed choice for your business. Read on to discover the benefits of routine auditing today.

1. Improve the User Experience

Remember, nearly 90% of online shoppers won't return to a site after a bad experience. Meanwhile, bad mobile optimization annoys about 50% of people. About 44% of shoppers tell their friends about bad online experiences, too.

If your website is slow, difficult to navigate, or outdated, people could start to talk. Your brand's reputation will plummet, and with it, your ROI.

Instead, you can use the website audit process to improve the user experience (UX) on your website. Better UX design could boost conversion rates by up to 400%.

Improving the user experience across your site will ensure it's easier to use and navigate. Visitors will have an easier time finding the information they need. Your conversion rate will improve, as will your dwell times.

Higher dwell times can improve your search engine rankings. The higher you rank in a search, the more likely consumers will visit your site. Higher rankings can also help you boost brand awareness.

In fact, Google looks at the UX across your site when determining your rankings. For example, Google uses mobile-first indexing when reviewing your site. If your website isn't mobile-optimized, your ranking could drop.

Website auditing can help you find new ways to improve the user experience. You can even use heat maps to determine what's leading people to leave. Then, you can make informed changes across your site.

2. Update Your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your website rank higher for relevant searches. Remember, higher rankings can help you generate brand awareness. It can also help you:

  • Generate website traffic
  • Increase leads and sales
  • Rank ahead of competitors
  • Establish your credibility
  • Improve your ROI

An SEO audit can help you spot potential SEO issues across your site.

For example, you might recognize you're not trying to rank for keywords that are relevant to your business. You can add those keywords to your SEO strategy this year.

If you're not ranking for the right keywords, you could miss opportunities to generate website traffic. Your competitors will reach those customers instead.

Completing an SEO audit can help you find new ways to boost your rankings. Then, you can reach more customers and set your business up to grow.

3. Remain Relevant

If your website is old or outdated, consumers might think your business is behind the times, too. An annual website audit can help you recognize where your site is lacking.

Then, you can apply the latest design and development trends to show consumers you're up and coming. You might even find opportunities your competitors are neglecting.

4. Repurpose Old Content

When determining rankings, Google looks for website content that's fresh and engaging. Website auditing will give you the chance to review old blog posts. Then, you can start repurposing your old content for SEO purposes.

For example, you might have a series of posts you can turn into an eBook. Perhaps you want to reformat your posts as video content instead. Video content is a great way to attract traffic and engage visitors.

Repurposing old blog content could help your SEO ranking rise.

5. Find Broken Links

Broken links across your website could disrupt the user experience. Visitors might get annoyed if your links head to 404 pages. A website audit will help you find these broken links.

Then, you can start refreshing these links to improve your link-building strategy.

Internal links will send readers to pages across your site. These links can benefit your clickthrough rate and dwell times.

External links send readers to studies, blogs, and research on other sites. External links can support any statements you make to boost your credibility.

6. Improve Site Structure

As part of the website audit process, make sure to review your site structure, too. If your site isn't easy to navigate, people will leave feeling frustrated.

A higher bounce rate indicates a bad user experience, which could cause your search engine rankings to drop.

Instead, look for ways to improve your website's overall structure. For example, you might want to add sidebars to longer pages.

7. Maximize Conversions

A thorough website audit could help you find new conversion opportunities, too.

For example, you might need to update long, grueling forms. Perhaps it's not easy for people to find your forms. Maybe you want to leverage a chatbot this year.

Adding more conversion opportunities can help you generate more leads and sales.

8. Pinpoint Problems

Small problems across your site can have a major impact on the user experience. Routine website auditing can help you spot these problems. You can make changes to your site before visitors begin to complain.

Otherwise, they might tell others about their negative experience on your site. You could struggle to attract visitors in the future.

9. Improve Your ROI

Understanding these website audit benefits leads to one larger benefit: a higher ROI.

Improving the user experience and your search engine rankings can help you boost leads and sales. Generating more leads and sales can help your ROI improve. Then, you can spend more time and money on expanding your business.

Set for Success: 9 Ways a Website Audit Will Benefit Your Business

Don't miss the chance to set your business up for success. Instead, consider scheduling a website audit this year. With routine auditing, you can make improvements to your website and business.

Improving your website can help your business experience lasting growth.

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