Since the lockdown caused by the pandemic, the amount of time people spend on their phones has increased to a whopping 19 hours a day. Many people are using their phones to stay in contact with loved ones and friends while also keeping people updated on the latest happenings in their lives by constantly posting on social media.

Don't forget that when people are on their phones, they're surfing social media and shopping for groceries, clothes, and other necessities. If you're a business that's just starting or is an old pro, then it's safe to say you understand how important a mobile-friendly website is.

Here are some mobile website mistakes you'll want to avoid as you move forward with your new business website design.

1. Forgetting to Optimize Your Website

Website optimization is about far more than ensuring you've used the right short tail and long tail keywords. It's about considering the elements you use in your website design to create a cohesive look.

You might be wondering what page elements and optimization have to do with making mobile-friendly mistakes. When you don't take the time to select the correct elements for your website, you can slow down the speed of your page.
This means that when people visit your website, it will take longer than a few seconds to load all of the items on the page.

When a website doesn't perform at the speed that consumers expect, they will leave the website and find one that loads faster.

Consumers want everything faster. When it comes to designing mobile-friendly websites, a couple of seconds is all it takes to lose a potential customer's interest. The website loading time should be fast to deliver the information people need in the blink of an eye.

2. Not Using the Right SEO Strategies

While we're on the idea of optimization, we want to stress the importance of search engine optimization. When your content isn't optimized, it makes it harder for people to find your business using the internet.

When Google and other search engines conduct sweeps of your website, they search for quality content to show to internet users. They find the most relevant content to their needs by picking up on the keywords you've used in your content.

While it's important to add keywords to every page and piece of content you create, you shouldn't go overboard. Putting too many keywords in your content is known as keyword stuffing.

While Google might still show your website in the results for a consumer, they might put it lower on the list. This is because keyword stuffing can decrease the quality of the content you've created. Remember, it's a long-term investment when it comes to the SEO strategies you use.
The better the strategies you use, the better the return on the investment you've made.

3. Having a Confusing Brand Message

One of the first things businesses do when they're in the startup phase or a period of growth is sit down to brainstorm who they are as a company. The reason you need to know who you are as a company is that this messaging will be used as you market the services and products your company sells.

Your brand messaging will be used to help you make future business decisions. Some businesses don't consider deciding on their brand message to be of importance until it causes a more significant issue.

When creating the messaging you're going to use on your website, think of yourself as a storyteller. From there, you should begin to create content that appeals to your target audience in an emotional way.

The stronger your connection with your consumers, the better off you'll be. Not to mention it increases your chances of gaining a reoccurring customer.

4. Forgetting to Update Contact Information

Have you ever found the perfect website and the only thing left to do is contact the business to either set up an appointment or make a purchase? We've all been there.

But one thing that can ruin the experience is placing a call or sending an email only to hear the sound of a dial tone or read an error message on the email.

Another common mistake that businesses make when creating a mobile-friendly website is not putting the right contact information on the website. Or your information changes and you forget to update it.

When you do this, you lose potential customers before they've had the opportunity to become customers.

As you move forward with hiring a company that offers web design services, one of the first things you should do is give them your contact information. Even if you've already given it to them, you can ask them to verify it to ensure it's the correct information.

If you change your contact information at some point, have it updated as soon as possible.

Mobile Website Mistakes That Could Cost You Business

No one wants to lose the customers they've worked so hard to acquire all because of a few mobile website mistakes. There are tons of potential mistakes that you could make without even knowing it, like not checking the loading time of your page.

You could also be using SEO strategies that have been outdated. We understand that staying updated on the things you should or shouldn't do can be a lot which is why you should hire a company to do it for you.

Contact Optuno for a free consultation, and let us fill you in on how our services work.