The Google search engine algorithm changes anywhere from 500 to 600 times a year. It does not matter that a majority of these changes are minor. As a business owner, blogger, or marketing strategist, you need to remember one thing.

What you did last year when it came to search engine optimization (SEO) will not work the same way, if at all, this year.

You constantly need to be tweaking and adjusting your SEO strategy to be sure you are gaining the most traction online.

We have laid out the top 10 SEO mistakes that you need to avoid in 2021.

1. Keyword Stuffing

Keywords remain vitally important in 2021, but there is a catch. Google has caught on to people overusing keywords to boost their ranking in search engines. Using too many keywords will not actually hurt your SEO rankings.

The solution is to use the primary keywords naturally and sparingly. Sprinkle it throughout among the headings and the body of the text along with secondary keywords.

2. Not Being Optimized for Mobile

This is one of the biggest SEO mistakes you have to watch out for. Over half of all Google searches are made on a mobile device. Consumers will leave your page and have a negative opinion of your brand if you do not have a mobile-friendly website.

Additionally, websites not optimized for mobile show up lower in Google's search engine rankings.

To prevent this, make sure you use a website theme optimized for mobile devices.

3. Having Too Many Website Pages

If your website has too many pages, Google and other search engines won't know which page would be the most relevant to a user's search.

You are actually competing with yourself when you have too many pages. Focus instead on streamlining your website to only include the web pages you genuinely need.

4. Choosing Lots of Backlinks that Lack Credibility

Another common SEO mistake to avoid in 2021 is using poor-quality backlinks. Gone are the days where you can add in as many links as you want without checking to see if they were from authoritative sites.

Instead, choose to backlink to only credible websites that are naturally higher ranking. This will help boost your website's credibility as well as your search ranking.

5. Duplicating Content Rather Than Creating Unique Content

It used to be common for people to reupload old content in hopes of making it seem newer. However, they would keep both versions on their website. This is an SEO mistake that you need to avoid.

Also, if your content on multiple pages is too similar to each other, that could be hurting our search rankings. Create useful, unique content for each page so that search engines can clearly identify relevant content.

6. Slow Page Load Speeds

Whether an individual is on a mobile device or desktop, if your website takes too long to load, that individual will most likely leave your site.

Google recognizes this. Websites with slow page load speeds are ranked lower than websites that load fast.

One way to fix this is to optimize images and fix any page redirects that are happening. This will help to increase your page load speeds and boost your rankings.

7. Incorrect Headings and Subheadings

One of the most overlooked SEO mistakes that people make is not using the right headings and meta-tags in their content and website pages.

Google will know what your page is about through the heading and subheadings you give it. If you fail to create one, Google will make one for you that may not be entirely accurate.

If you use headings that are too similar to each other, this could be seen as duplicating content and, thus, lower your search engine.

Always use the keyword in the title of the content and URL to ensure you give Google accurate context as to what your content and webpage are about.

8. Using the Wrong Keywords

Just as it is important to use the right amount of keywords, so is it important to use the right keywords. Take time to research the keywords that your ideal customer is searching for.

Otherwise, your content will be deemed not valuable to your customers, and Google will lower your search engine rankings accordingly.

9. Having Too Little Content

Just as having duplicate pages is a bad thing, so is having too little content on your website or certain webpages.

Google will see pages with virtually no content and think that the website is either defunct or otherwise inactive. You need to fill your website's pages with relevant content in order to show Google that you are an active page.

10. Keeping Old, Irrelevant Content

Another common SEO mistake to avoid in 2021 is keeping your older, irrelevant content. You need to be going through any old content you have on your website and update any broken links.

You should also be going through and deleting older content that is no longer serving a purpose. For example, if you no longer offer a product or service, removing that content from your website will better help Google understand your current list of offerings.

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