For businesses that push towards the online market, their business websites represent what they are. It embodies and reflects its values through its web design.

Within that short amount of time, you must be able to show and demonstrate what your business is all about. More so when a visitor has 15 seconds or so to decide if they stay or look for another website.

Thus, you need to have a web design that catches their attention. It should also let them stay there because of what your business is all about.

We will look at business website examples that you can draw inspiration from. These should be able to help you figure out how you should approach your web design and make it worth clicking to.

1. Mindful Psychedelics

Psychedelics are tough products to market. This is often because of how most people shun them and consider them as harmful to the human body. This is why you'll need to create a good website to help you market your business should you consider this niche.

Mindful Psychedelics did a great job in marketing their business. They provide people with a peaceful landing page coupled with their treatment philosophy. This is to help ensure people that what they're doing is for their benefit.

They also list the services they offer from the get-go. Most people aren't familiar with how psychedelic treatments work, and doing this is gives them something to search on Google without diving much into the website.

Despite their landing page being short, it informs and puts the visitor at ease. Combined with the soothing background images they have on loop, it ensures that more people warm up to the idea of doing business with them.

2. The Dental Boutique

Unlike psychedelics, dentistry is an industry that people know well and need. However, there's been a decline in the people visiting dentists nowadays. They only go when there's a dire emergency they need resolving with their oral health.

A large factor of this is because of their uninformative websites. Visitors will not hesitate to leave a site if they don't get much from the first look. The Dental Boutique knows this and shares a small informative segment on who they are and what they do.

Knowing who's working on their oral hygiene makes them feel more at ease with dental services. The Dental Boutique also gives links to services that they know people are likely to approach them for.

There's also a link to the testimonials of other people on their website's landing page. This gives the visitor insight into the positive notes that previous patients placed. These help visitors get comfortable with the service while marketing their practice to them at the same time.

3. Nettleton Shoes

For e-commerce business websites, Nettleton Shoes has a good website design for you to follow. They showcase their best products right from the get-go. This is to help entice the buyer's impulse-buy response, especially when there's a discount attached to it. 

They also have a separate segment further down the landing page grouping their products by category. Doing this is a great way to help your customers shop. You should also know your product enough to know how to categorize them.

Customers expect convenience when they shop. This makes it important to not put everything on a single store page. It will cause people to scour through the items to look for something they want, and it's sure to cause them to leave your website.

4. Kaido Miami

Investing in the food business is tricky nowadays because of the current global health crisis. The best thing you can do is market your practice to entice at least a few customers to visit your location. Doing what Kadio Miami does is a great way to approach this.

They showcase their team and skillset through short portfolios on each member. This ensures the people that their food is of the best quality and will get prepared in the best way. Showcasing your products as they do is also a good way to keep enticing people.

Incorporating a killer custom website design also helps. Doing this ensures that your business website stands out among your competition.

5. Nashville Catering

Another way to approach the food industry is by offering catering services. However, this is a tough industry to get into because of your potential competition. Nashville Catering does a fine job standing on its own two legs in the industry, though.

This is because visiting their website hits everything that the customer is looking for. They provide images to showcase their services and to further entice customers. They also show a short menu of their breakfast options to let people know what they can do.

They even list their most popular services further down. As if that weren't enough, they also feature memorable moments. These are all from the events that they've held in their restaurant throughout the years.

These all feature real-life examples of what they can give to the customers. This is enough to make customers believe they're the only choice for catering.

6. Mickle Real Estate

Another essential business that's hard to get a foothold in is real estate. Website examples are often similar in format and design. You'll see the areas they cover and what properties they have for sale.

How can you stand out and make a successful website for your business, then? Do what Mickle Real Estate does and make your customers feel included. Most real estate websites are all business in that they want to sell or buy your house and that's that.

Mickle goes beyond and showcases that they care about their customers. This is clear whether they want to sell a property or to buy one. They personalize the experience and keep the customers in the loop. 

This makes you more approachable in the industry. More people are then likely to engage with you because you followed the Mickle website design example.

Take Inspiration from These Business Website Examples

After looking through these business website examples, you might find ways to apply these website design tips. These ideas can help you create an effective and seamless experience. All while making sure the website works as planned.

To make that possible, we can help you achieve that set up with our web design services. We also have services like SEO, content writing, and much more. Contact us today and we will help you get started with your website.