We all know the internet has gone video-crazy. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are a few of the sites where most of your favorite (or at least shared) content is in the form of videos. But did you know that for your business to succeed online, you might need to join in on this trend too?

In this blog post, we’ll be going through 7 benefits of video content and how you can smash your conversion rates out of the park.

1. Video Content Grabs Attention

Unless you've never heard of YouTube (and who hasn't!), chances are you already know how effective video content is at grabbing people's attention on a small business website.

YouTube users spend more time on YouTube than any other website (across the top 100 sites). If you could harness even a small fraction of this traffic to your site, you've gained access to an incredible amount of potential customers.

And how can you harness that traffic? By embedding video content right into your small business website design using code. If you aren't a coder yourself, there's plenty of plugins that will do this for you. Plus, it'll help your average reading time as well.

2. Video Content Increases Time Spent On-Site

It's no surprise that businesses that have instructional video content on their website report an increase in conversion rates. So you can see how beneficial video is on your site.

A simple video demonstration of a product or service can not only capture your customer's attention but also encourage them to stay longer on your website. In doing so, they'll then browse through the rest of your page for extra information.

Likewise, customers have come to embrace video as the "closest thing to reality" behind a computer. It's the best way to show how your product or service works and operates without being present in person. This can bring your products to life and create a new dimension that helps customers feel wanted in the process.

3. Video Content Encourages Site Navigation

Video content on the top of your website page can help to increase click-through rates. Click-through rates are what they sound like; the rates at which your visitors click onto another page rather than coming off that page itself. By having an attention-grabbing video when your page loads, your customer immerses themselves in the browsing experience and stays on your site for longer.

Another way video content increases a person's level of trust, and perceived value of your website is by making it look more official and trustworthy. And if that wasn't enough, people will actually trust it more than they would a link that was "self-created."

4. Videos are More Informative

Videos also provide more information than any other form of content. Take a look at our own informative videos to see what we mean!

Video content provides a significant amount of otherwise lost information through written text or static images alone. In fact, a 2-minute video can provide the same amount of information as over 1,200 written words.

5. Videos are Entertaining and Fun

Video content is easier to understand than other forms of content because they induce more feelings and emotions in your audience. They're also much more memorable than other forms of content because they can create an image in mind.

So why not inject a bit of fun into your website! Make your content reflect your branding and create engaging videos that complement the tone of your website for maximum outreach.

6. Videos Are More Accessible to Everyone

Think about it for a second. Whether it's due to a language barrier, blindness, or conditions such as Dyslexia, not everyone finds reading text online easy. But by having a video, you can create a much more personalized and accessible demonstration of your product and service.

You're creating a multi-sensory experience that allows people to focus on interpreting data in whichever way they find easiest. Chances are, you'll boost your conversions for that reason alone.

7. Videos are More Effective at Spreading the Word

Video is now considered one of the most influential factors in whether your content goes viral or not. In fact, because video allows for greater memory recall, those who watch an embedded video will share that video in some way with their friends and family. This leads to more sales for you, by having a demonstration of your product or service on your homepage.

So, you'll find yourself getting more social media subscribers and followers than you first imagined. Remember, YouTube is the 2nd most visited site in the world. With over 2 Billion users worldwide and almost 4 billion hours of video watched every day! Pretty incredible, right?

The power of video marketing is huge in spreading the word of your business through social media. Soon enough, your demand will soar as a result of taking advantage of this phenomenon.

Video Content Reinvents Your Website

So there you have it! The benefits of creating video content for your website are clear from these reasons alone. But don't stop there. Think about how you can use video to inspire your customers in other ways, too, such as video blogging.

Videos not only allow your customers to learn more about you but make it easy for them to feel like they know who you are and what makes you tick. Videos help break down barriers and show people that you're like them, which is a huge comfort in a world that's more remote than ever before.

So if you need someone to help bring your custom website design to life, get in touch today and see if we can help you get the recognition you deserve with affordable web design!