If you have a website for your company you need a mobile SEO strategy in place. If you don't optimize your website you'll lose customers and sales.

Investing in mobile SEO means your website will provide your customers with the best experience. It also means your business will show up much higher on search results when people are browsing.

A mobile-friendly website with good SEO can make all the difference, so read on to learn about eight benefits of using mobile SEO for your small business. 

1. Improve SEO and Google Ranking

Google uses a mobile website score as a big part of the algorithms they use to determine search results. If your website isn't mobile-optimized then it won't show up as high on the search results as other sites. 

Mobile SEO will improve the ability of search engines to find your website. If they don't see a mobile-friendly website they will attach far less relevance to your website. That means your company comes up far down the list people see.

Ideally, you'll add a responsive element to your site. This means that the website responds to the device a person is using to view it. This is Google's preferred option. 

If you can't make your website responsive then you should create a separate URL for the mobile version of the website. 

2. Everyone Wants to Mobile Shop

Some estimates put the value of mobile shopping at more than $600 million a year. More than 75 percent of shoppers use their mobile devices to do at least some of their shopping. So, if you aren't thinking about mobile SEO on your website there is a good chance you're missing out on a lot of money.

Mobile SEO will drive people to your website when they are using their cellular devices. That means you can capture a bigger slice of the mobile-shopping pie.

Once you have used mobile SEO to bring your customers to you, don't forget to improve the experience as much as possible so that they actually make a purchase!

3. Improved User Experience

Mobile SEO will improve the user experience on your website. If you aren't enhancing your mobile website your visitors will leave more quickly because it isn't a pleasurable experience.

If the user experience is the same as the desktop website resized then your visitors will have trouble navigating the site. You'll lose potential sales because people can't get around the site easily on their mobile devices. 

The more you can do with mobile SEO the better your mobile site will be. Invest in mobile SEO and you will reap the benefits when customers visit your site. 

4. Visitor Retention

You have very little time to keep a visitor when they visit your site on a mobile device. It's even less than when they arrive on the desktop version. Mobile users are trained to skip to new sites quickly so you have to grab their attention immediately. 

Mobile SEO will help you keep your visitors on your website when they arrive. If people leave quickly your bounce rate goes up. A high bounce rate triggers negative responses in search engines so your site will come up lower on the results page. 

5. Faster Speeds for Your Website

Make sure your mobile website loads quickly. Mobile users expect a quick download time. They are more likely to leave your site early if it doesn't respond and takes too long to download.

If you have a responsive mobile site with good mobile SEO your visitors will get the speed experience they now expect. Again, the longer it takes for them to see your site the quicker they will leave. This is another reason for a high bounce rate, which leads to lower search engine rankings.

6. Gain an Advantage Over Your Competition

With mobile SEO you will gain an advantage over your competition. Taking advantage of the data you gain from SEO gives you the tools to create your site so that it offers users the best experience.

The SEO you develop will put your website higher on search rankings than your competition. This is, put simply, one of the best ways to drive people to your website. You'll see increased sales from investing in mobile SEO.

7. Improve Your Brand Identity

If you value your brand identity, a mobile website will certainly add to it. The flip side is true, too. If you don't invest in mobile SEO your brand will suffer because people won't see it on the devices they use.

Spending time looking at search engine optimization data and then learning from it to improve your website will result in people thinking better of your brand. As that happens, they will have more brand loyalty, which means they will return to your mobile site more often.

8. Cheaper Than an App

A mobile website with good mobile SEO is much cheaper to develop and maintain than creating an app for your company. Your mobile website works on any device operating system. But you need to create an app for iPhone or Android operating system.

You'll also either need to hire an app development company or invest in skills in your team to create and manage an app. Mobile SEO is less expensive and uses your existing website rather than creating something new.

An app also means customers need to download it to their device rather than simply using their preferred browser. This is another step between them and a sale. Don't make it harder for customers to spend their money with you.

Mobile SEO Will Help Your Small Business

As you can see, investing in mobile SEO to improve your mobile website experience brings a lot of benefits. The better your mobile website performs the more likely you will make a sale or develop new customers.

No matter how good your mobile website is, if it isn't optimized for search engines it won't show up high on rankings and people won't visit it.

We offer a fully mobile responsive approach to website development. We know mobile SEO and make sure your website is ready to go on any device. Visit our website for a free consultation so that you can get your website ready for the mobile world.