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Leading Customized Website Service Launches Pay-As-You-Go E-Commerce Sites

Leading Customized Website Service Launches Pay-As-You-Go E-Commerce Sites

Published April 6th, 2017 by John B

Optuno, a leading provider of full-service subscription based website design and development services announced today the expansion of its services to include three new feature-rich e-commerce website solutions. The company’s hassle-free, pay-as-you-go, 100% customized website development approach is applied not just to traditional websites, but also their e-commerce offerings; helping small businesses and entrepreneurs establish an online presence and sell products and services. Business owners no longer have to fumble around with third party integrations and clunky plugins to sell online, Optuno makes it easy.

“We’re all about empowering opportunity and that means creating tools and websites that set our customers up for success,” says Optuno Co-Founder Adam Frankel. “We remove the headaches and barriers to entry small business owners typically encounter when attempting to build a new website. Those headaches and barriers are compounded when you move into the realm of e-commerce, so much so that many simply find the task to be too expensive and daunting to even bother trying. We take the same stress-free, 100% customized Optuno approach to our e-commerce websites making it affordable and easy for small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their revenue online.”

Similar to Optuno’s traditional websites, the company builds e-commerce sites from start to finish, including populating products, managing discounts and coupon codes and creating content. Optuno also provides a seamless purchase process for clients and their customers with real-time online payments using Stripe,, PayPal or a collect on delivery (COD) option. All of the company’s websites include SSL certification for secure website traffic over an HTTPS address, ongoing monthly support and access to a secure and proprietary CMS, called FICMS®, often described as “the world’s most user-friendly content management system.”

“The advantage of having an Optuno e-commerce website is having all of your content and products in one place, managed with FICMS®,” says Optuno Co-Founder Michael Farin. “It’s easy for any small business owner to just click and edit content, add a product or change pricing, but of course we are here to do it for them, too. No other website service makes it this easy for businesses to make money online.”

Optuno’s services are designed to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with modern, mobile-friendly and highly functional websites that eliminate the need for a third-party freelancer or agency when building or maintaining a website. Optuno’s traditional and e-commerce websites are accessible across many devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktops and available at The website features an ‘online checkout’ process where visitors can order a customized website entirely online.

Visit for more information or contact Michael Farin at pr(at) for media inquiries.

About Optuno
Optuno is a South Florida-based website design and development company that makes customized websites simple and affordable for all businesses. Founded in 2016 by Michael Farin, CEO of Farin Innovations and Adam Frankel, Founder of Frankel Interactive, Optuno transforms the website development, maintenance and marketing process into a simple, custom designed service that any business can afford and be proud of. Through its proprietary content management system, FICMS, businesses can easily update their sites with no technical knowledge required. For more information, visit:

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