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If I cancel, can I keep my website?

If you choose to cancel your services, Optuno will allow you to take your site with you under the following conditions:

Optuno will release to you a static version of your website, including copies of your video and photos. This will give you a snapshot of your website that you can host somewhere else. However, all the dynamic features of Optuno, such as your FICMS  license, including features, plugins, and e-commerce tools will no longer be available.

The cost to do so, is as follows:

  • Within the first year of Successive Hosting and Maintenance - $2,500
  • After 1 full year of Successive Hosting and Maintenance - $1,500
  • After 2 full years of Successive Hosting and Maintenance - $0
You will be allowed to have a web developer move your site to a new hosting provider, maintain it and make any changes you wish.

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