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What is Optuno Content Care PLUS?

Optuno Content Care Plus (OCCP) is an Add-On available for our Unlimited Website or Professional Website Plans. It’s perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs who need help editing and drafting content for their website.

Optuno Content Care Plus includes:

  • Optuno Content Guide – An Easy Guide to General Site Content
  • Headers, Call Outs, Page Element Labels
  • Meta Titles, General Meta-Descriptions, Alt-Tags for Images with Content
  • Placement and Formatting of Content and Images
  • Four (4) Rounds of Content Revisions/Placement
  • Review and Editing of Your Content for Grammar, Spelling and Understanding
  • Populating and Formatting of up to 15 pages
  • Population of Content for Call-to-Action Boxes, Homepage Text Boxes and other related Theme Elements
  • Content Guidance Based on Industry, Location and SEO Best Practices
  • Content Editing and Revising (limited to the number of 'populated pages' included in your plan and up to 250 words per page)
  • New content pages can be ordered from Optuno for an additional cost of $50/page

Check out Optuno Content Care & Optuno Content Care Plus for additional features and pricing information.

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