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Optuno is rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 113 reviews

Reviews (113)

  • I researched many web development companies, word-press experts and marketing agencies before deciding to use Optuno for my website project. I've worked with other web companies and freelancers on other projects and have always been disappointed with their service. After speaking with Optuno and seeing the back-end of their CMS systems I was ready to partner with this company. I'm so glad I trusted my gut the passion these guys have for their product and customer service is amazing. I look forward to working with them and I'm confident I will not need to search for another company to handle my website and digital marketing projectsever again. Their project management system is amazing and the speed an accuracy of their work is far superior then any other digital marketing / website development company I have ever worked with.

  • I can't say enough great things about Optuno. Not only are they hard-working, clear, creative and kind, they are the most patient people I've ever worked with. I couldn't be happier with my website and it's a great feeling to know when you're constantly traveling and so busy they are always there to help guide you and support you if needed. Endless thanks!

  • Do your research, these guys are responsible for some of the best websites on the market and they use that same talent and experience for the small business owner. They really listened to what I wanted from my website, and came up with a format that directly reflected MY vision. Instead of merely cutting and pasting the content I emailed, or using copy written by my previous web hosts, they corrected and altered the information and made it more coherent and understandable. They gave me a clean and professional looking website that's far from the "mom and pop" generic style you see with most small business owners using Mopro, Go Daddy or Squarespace.

    Most companies I researched claimed they could give me a good website but Optuno goes deeper than that. They give you a great website that affords you the opportunity to grow your business. They have a totally different perspective than most of the website companies out there.

    For example, I suggested some changes to the first website draft they sent me, they advised me why my changes were actually counter productive and wouldn't be visually appealing but they completed my requests anyway, needless to say they were right. I actually made it worse, but they were really good about indulging me and later John took the time to break it down and explain the "whys" of what makes a great website.

    Another example of their unique perspective was when I panicked three days before we were due to go live. I asked them to quickly make a packing slip that I could send out with my orders. They completed it in one day. The form was perfect, it was automatically generated with each order. It had our Logo, all necessary customer information, an itemized list of each meal my customers ordered, to include dietary preferences and quantities. But the really cool part was when we'd go to the packing slip days later and discover they'd made improvements to it. They saw where the tweaks would help us more efficiently fill the orders or that they would be visually more appealing, and just quietly made the changes without bragging, boasting or any additional billing. That was huge for me, most other companies would be content on knowing that the customer was totally satisfied with the finished product. These guys rushed to meet my deadline and then went about perfecting their work to a higher standard. It's that approach that puts them in a whole different category. They honestly care about the product they put out and want each of their websites to be a unique online resume.

    To be honest I thought the company's name "Optuno" was kinda goofy, I thought it sounded like a Superhero, but they really do empower opportunity. My business is the best it's ever been. My poor wife is the Head Chef of our company and she's literally struggling to keep up with the growth. I don't know these guys, I don't owe them anything and frankly I've never taken the time to write a review for anyone, but I thought it was only right to tell other business owners looking for a great website company of my experience and how refreshing it was to work with a company that is genuinely concerned not only with the style and content of the sites they create, but equally concerned with its results and the growth opportunity it provides. You have nothing to lose by just contacting them and seeing what they can do for you and your company. Thank you so much Lisa, for your beautiful graphic design. Todd, for your patience and initial design concept and John, for your tech knowledge and overall expertise. You guys are amazing!

    Guy & Chef RaShon Smith

  • Optuno is an amazing platform and service. I've built 7 different sites with them for friends and businesses and they've always delivered a top notch service. If you need an affordable, custom website, look no further.

  • We chose Optuno to completely makeover our Happy Place Kid's Gym website. The Optuno Team has been OUTSTANDING! I'm not exaggerating either, 100% AWESOME!!! They were very helpful, skilled & informative; took my vision and made it a reality. Throughout the process they took time to teach and share ideas to enhance our website. They were quick to get our site up and very quick to address all of our questions , edits and concerns along the way. Their professionalism shines throughout our new website. We highly recommend them to anyone! Bill J. , Mike W. , Lisa W. and the entire crew who work so hard to make customers such as myself beyond pleased , THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • My website looks awesome you guys worked fast And when I email everything’s in you guys get back with me within an hour I definitely recommend you guys to anybody I know did a phenomenal job on my site I love it thank you so much Option keep up the good work

  • Those guys are the best they get the work done nice website helping you with anything you need done to your website I take my hat off to those guys good work I will recommend working with them

  • The experience we had with Optuno exceeded our expectations! The whole team was always responsive and great to work with!!! They made everything look so easy. The website looks so professional! Thank you!!!!

  • Optuno makes it easy for anyone to create a website. The steps that are needed to start a website from scratch are easy and in the event that you need help, their customer service team is top notch. I am always amazed by the quick response time and the positive energy that the customer support staff has. Optuno is highly recommended for anyone that is looking to start or update their current website.

  • The whole Optuno team was helpful and amazing the whole way through making our new website. Even going from Mopro to Optuno it couldn't of been any easier and our website looks even more amazing now and more user friendly too. We can't thank Optuno enough for everything they did.

  • The company went above and beyond for the service I purchased. This company really is the cream of the crop! I highly recommend theservices they provide because you will not be disappointed. The service I purchased was was difficult indeed and they stepped up to the plate to getit done quickly and precisely. Great job guys and gals!!!!

  • yes i give them a 5 out 5 rating. The service is amazing anything you need help with there right there. I recommend them to anybody who not good at a building a website. Choose them one you get started the ball in there hand.

  • Optuno was great to work with. They optimized my law firm website with a variety of new features (including ADA-compliant web-surfing features), checked in with me through each stage of the update before launch, and did everything within the time-frame they promised.

  • I love the consistent help and guidance from Optuno. They are always will to help and provide useful feedback. There customer service is Amazing

  • We've had a great experience working with Optuno while transforming our company's website into a brand new look. I've received daily updates from Mike and Derika and they are super helpful to clarify every single steps and accommodate all of our requests.

    Thank you Optuno and looking forward to working with you in the future again!

  • Great service and quick turn around. The Optuno team worked with us until our site was perfect. They were quick to respond and extremely helpful. If you need a website you have to check out Optuno

  • They put together a beautiful website, and everyone has been great to work with.

  • We just built our brand new site with the help of Optuno. They have excellent customer service support. Their team members are extremely helpful, and are quick to respond.(Usually within 15min)

    Highly Recommend using these guys, if your website needs some help!

  • Best decision I could've ever made as a business owner switching all my services to Optuno! I now have a fully functioning, professional website that is... read more

  • Optuno took my website to a whole other level and I am thrilled to death!

    Customer service is very responsive and quick to resolve whatever issue

    arises. Wish I would have known about Optuno before my three crash and burn trials.

  • Optuno was great to work with and my SEO is very happy with them also

  • We couldn't be happier with the work Optuno did on developing our new website. Everything about the process was easy and seamless. Their team is incredibly helpful and professional and we just love our new website.

  • I had a matter that needed immediate attention, and after one email they fixed my problem with no charge! Thank you so much !! I highly recommend using them for your website needs , I couldn’t be happier

  • Working with Optuno was an incredible investment. They have a great design team and left me as a business owner with all the tools I need to update and manage my website. Their customer service is on point and they get back to you quickly. They really streamline the process of building and managing a website.

  • We've been very pleased with our experience with Optuno. They were incredibly responsive to our feedback, they always maintained a cheerful attitude in our correspondence, they took care of nitty-gritty details, and in a short time, they created a website we're excited about. I'd recommend them without hesitation.

  • Finally, a website company that does what they say......and more. Thrilled.

  • Adam and his team are professional, complete tasks in a timely manner and took the headache out of a complete site re-design. Most of all, the price is extremely affordable. I highly recommend Optuno to anyone looking for a new website or a site overhaul.

  • Ecstatic I found Optuno, the service and product were stellar, could not have been a better process. Thanks again.

  • Optuno builds high quality professional websites without draining your checkbook. I really enjoyed that the team goes above and beyond for their customers. They work very hard to make it right and to be sure you are completely satisfied, their customer service is awesome. After experiencing doing a website on my own and spending tireless hours I gave MoPro a shot but still was not better than what I was able to come up with. Optuno made a difference, sure time will tell but the entire support team was awesome and made sure I was 150% satisfied.

    To the Optuno team, you guys are rockstars! Thank you!

  • The people behind the scenes are AMAZING...the website they created for me is AWESOME and the price is GREAT! Being a small business owner, I am so happy I found Optuno!!

  • I previously used MoPro... terrible experience with them. So bad in fact, I created my own site on Weebly and it was better than dealing with MoPro. The I got an email from Optuno and thought... wouldn't hurt to hear them out. They gave me such incredible ideas and even reviewed my current site pointing out things they could improve upon. I signed up on the spot and could not be happier with the experience. They are incredibly responsive, genuinely care about the success of my business and gave me opinions on things like my logo and tagline that needed changing but I would not have done so without their suggestion. They were amazing and now so is my site AND my site is already generating leads 2 DAYS after going live... WOW!!! Even after pushing live they are responsive and always get back to me right away... even at night and on the weekends but they're local not employing overseas help. I could not possibly be happier... Thanks so much guys for all of your help, for getting it all done so quickly and for being a TRUE PARTNER in my business success! Love you ALL!!!

  • Working with Optuno staff was a true pleasure. They had so many great design ideas, were so quick with turnaround, and their customer service was excellent. I couldn't be happier with the website they designed for me.

  • I recently changed my website over to Optuno and was very impressed with their service, quick turnaround and quality of the website! So I had another company logo to design and the same quality results were returned! Highly recommend them if you're looking to expand or build a website! - Alexis Nogueras-Southfloridahomeinspections

  • Optuno was very helpful in creating a website and responding to any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend them!

  • Excellent experience with Optuno!

  • Great service. I'm very happy with the work. Highly recommended.

  • Excited and very pleased with outcome and services of Optuno! From the patience in customer service to my new CRM features I am very happy with Optuno website services!

  • Great team to work with! Very quick turn around. Lisa W and John B were in charge of my project and they are spectacular to work with. Made a great website for my company.

  • Optuno has helped me to build a beautiful and functional website in a few short weeks! (Orange Sun Labs) They were patient and friendly and explained everything as we went. They have an amazing team of talented professionals and I would not hesitate to highly recommend them to anyone wanting to make the process of having a presence on the web effortless, and without having to learn coding or take precious time away from family and work.

  • I don’t really know how to begin. It’s hard to work with someone like me who knows just enough about what they want to be dangerous. The support and design staff at Optuno went above and beyond the call of duty. They took the time to understand my needs and produced our web site to perfection.

    It’s extremely hard these days to find a Company that understands what “customer service” means. Their response time to my concerns and constant communication was immediate and complete records of all conversations and emails were at my fingertips for review.

    I can’t say enough to the Optuno staff other than a huge thank you for your expertise and patience.

    For all of you out there who are looking for help with the frustration of building a web site, get in touch with Optuno! You won’t find a better Company to work with.

  • Very happy with Optuno so far! Great customer service, timely and efficient in what they do. They re-did my site for me and it looks great. I'd definitely recommend them to friends and family.

  • Optuno has an incredible service and an even better team to compliment it. Any question we may have had was attended to within no time. I have never had such a seamless process with any service provider I have worked with in the past. If anyone needs a clean, beautiful, and fully operational site, then Optuno is the way to go.

  • What a great experience! They are prompt, professional and very knowledgeable. If you want a great looking website and what it to be affordable then go with Optuno, you won't be disappointed!

  • They created the website cashmax305 for me. The process was quick and easy. They delivered in a fast and profesional form. I highly recommend Optuno.

  • We LOVE our Optuno website! They really customized our site to meet all of our functional and aesthetic needs. Our team was very responsive and delivered a high quality product in a short amount of time. They took the stress and worry out of web design and allowed for us to focus our energies on our business which we wouldn't have been able to do with a DIY site. You just can't beat the value in both time and money that Optuno provides!

  • The Optuno team is a dream too work with! I did my homework before choosing Optuno and could not be happier with the choice i made. The Quality, Price and Customer Service is unparalleled!! Well done!!

  • Wonderful customer service and exceptional response time! Fast turnaround on EVERYTHING!

  • I just want anyone to know that is evaluating website companies, that I did extensive research before hiring Optuno and am absolutely not only appreciative, but "amazed" at their extremely prompt reply to questions, changes and ideas for achieving my sites' objectives. I actually learned a lot through this recent website development experience for wanting things I didn't even think of in the beginning.

    Now I have the comfort level that I have the experts ongoing to make sure things happen quickly and with great recommendations as I move forward as a company for site changes as well and staying "modern", which to me is very important. In the beginning, I had a friend who is an expert at website development help me with asking the "right" questions, and was down to deciding between a flat rate Freelancer and a company that claimed to work with the largest of corporations who were "twice the price" per month. I wanted the "BEST", and have my own customized look, without challenging communication issues for content and changes.

    I decided against the Freelancer even though it was a one-time fee, because I didn't want to "risk" language barriers and service from another country. Plus I realized "websites of today" require on-going support and changes to "keep up with technology and the times". The higher price company’s' reviews of slow service, and noticing the rep taking days to get back to me to make their sale, left me with a "skeptical" gut feeling.

    Optuno was always very prompt, and precise in answering any questions, of which I verified with my friend for accuracy, so my gut feeling said to go with them, and just want all of you to know I am so glad I did. Sometimes "after the sale", you wonder what will happen, but I've been amazed that their level of service "after the sale" was just as prompt as "before the sale". I'm talking about "rocket-speed"...sometimes same day changes...all the time and great suggestions/ideas on their own. Amazing! Your website isn't something you want to have to have someone "redo" over and over again, unless it really doesn't mean much to your company other than an on-line presence I guess. I rarely have or take the time to complement a company, but because they have been so "over the top" with my great experience, I feel they deserve and everyone else deserves to know about them.

    They are a "rare" find in today's business climate! You can check out our website they created and see for yourself regarding quality or feel free to give me a call from our site phone number.

    I'm confident you'll find Optuno is your best overall value!

  • My experience with the Optuno Team was phenomenal. My website was completed and delivered ahead of schedule. Over the past 5 weeks, I made several requests for website assistance and on every occasion the speed with which my request was acted upon and completed was beyond my expectation. If you are looking for "Satisfaction Guaranteed", at an affordable price, I strongly recommend Optuno.

  • The Optuno platform is very user friendly and extremely efficient to work with. The Optuno team is a group of dedicated professionals that will work on your website at any pace you set. There is no other company that offers this type of quality for such a great price. Optuno is easily the best investment that I have made for my company. I want to personally thank all the team members that made the Wise Choice Summer Camp website a success.

  • One of the best new website experiences we've ever had. Optuno was timely, professional and went above and beyond to meet the demands of our picky board members. Thank you! A+ Service, will definitely recommend to friends.

  • My experience with the team at Optuno way above and beyond what you get from other website providers commanding 2x the money. They were extremely professional and efficient from start to finish, which is when you are happy. With a schedule that limits my time dedicated to a website redesign, I was blown away by how well they took our existing site along with its content and applied it to the Optuno product simply using a questionnaire I filled out on my time. From there, each request for changes was answered almost immediately and 99% of the time addressed within a day. The Optuno team truly works for you and makes your vision theirs resulting in clean and professional website that you will be proud to own.