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E-Commerce Frequently Asked Questions (18 )

Will you move the products from my existing site?

Each Optuno E-Commerce Website plan includes the migration of a specific number of products (see our plans and pricing page for specifics on each plan). If you are able to export your products from your current site and map the data to our data-file (in Excel) then we can assist in migrating more than what is included with your plan, assuming we are not manually migrating them one product at a time.

If we are unable to migrate them via a direct database import and upload of images via FTP, then you can have us migrate and/or input additional products by purchasing product population.

If you have more products to sell than what Optuno populates based on your plan, you can have us add additional products for you so you don’t have to. The cost is $10 per additional product not included with your plan (discounts available for bulk product imports). Just contact us for details.

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